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Top 10 Most Overplayed Songs on Radio Over the Last 15 Years

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Another week, another Top 10 blog post. Since we have started this top 10 series, we have talked about many topics, from worship artists, movie trilogies and franchises, activities to undertake in Australia and high sugar foods, to superheroes, things to do at the beach, and original and traditional Christmas carols, as well as top 10 music videos of the year. Now this topic, though it may seem a little critical, is equally as valid- what are the top 10 most overplayed songs on Christian radio throughout the last 15 years?

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Top 10 ___ (Introduction): Top Ten Worship Artists!

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Welcome to our newest blog series Top Tens, which will be posted every Sunday (Australian time, which may be Saturday in other parts of the world…), where I will be sharing my ‘top ten ____’- whether it be favourite songs, artists for a certain time period (which is obviously a personal opinion and isn’t meant to drag artists down), movie trilogies, Australian food, past times in the summer, activities to undertake at the beach, superheroes, the list goes on. I will also give completely subjective reasons (which are not in concrete and could change this time next year) and then I’ll open the forum and discussion to all of you! This series we’ll be delving into a variety of topics and issues (like what I have already listed), so stay tuned for the upcoming weeks.

Today we’ll be talking about my top (favourite) 10 solo worship artists over the past 10 years (as well as songs from them that made them my favourite artist!), seeing that this site is a music review website first and foremost! So without further ado… here’s my top 10 worship artists (in reverse order)- bands are coming later on, same with favourite artists (based on songs) for other genres.

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