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Throwback Tuesdays (1980s Movies)



star wars

In posts gone past, we have delved into a song or artist from the past, expounding upon a song’s meaning or delved into the artist and provided reason for why this artist has stood the test of time- because frankly, considering that this is first and foremost a site about music, most of the post relate to it, right? Yet this throwback post is different on many levels. In honour of the reboot/sequel Terminator: Genysis that released early July and the Star Wars 7 sequel Star Wars: The Force Awakens that releases later in December 2015, we have decided to discuss a topic that’s certain create discussion amongst all or most of us- 80s movies.

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Top 10 ___: Top Ten Australian Activites to Undertake!

Ayres Rock, Australia: A Kangaroo warning road sign in the desert near Uluru

Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens, which is posting every Sunday, Australian time. Last week I shared my top 10 favourite Robin Williams films, and this week, in light of the tragedy that occurred last week, I’m going to create a blog that is much more buoyant, positive, and hopefully it’ll be a list to make us laugh, that is a bit funny, and doesn’t take itself that seriously.

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