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Top 50 ‘Christian’ songs sung by mainstream artists!

Happy Easter everyone. It’s been about a year since I last said ‘Happy Easter’ to you all, and to my friends and family; and been about 2 years since the last time before that. Gee how time flies! Well on a serious note, it’s that time of year where some of us religiously go back to church, even if we don’t believe in Jesus; and it’s also that time where probably all of us crank up the volume and listen to our favourite worship artist or album. Maybe some Chris Tomlin or Hillsong Worship; Meredith Andrews or Kari Jobel Phil Wickham or Crowder; even Leeland or All Sons and Daughters. There’s tons of worship music to choose from and plenty of songs that vividly describe Jesus’ death and resurrection, so that we can be more in tune with what Jesus actually went through all those years ago. And probably all of us at one point or another have done this- listened to worship music at greater intensity during this time in order to feel closer to Jesus. We’ve actually written two other blogs here and here that briefly touch upon some of the most impacting songs about the cross and the grave. But maybe you don’t want to listen to the same old worship songs year in and year out. Perhaps you want variety, and perhaps you’re not sure where to look. However, songs about Jesus that you probably never knew existed, are closer than you think.

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