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Sentimental Saturdays (Recording from CD’s/Radio to Cassette Tapes)

cassette tape

I can still remember back to during the time when me and my brother were in primary school. No DVD’s, no iPads, Nintendo Wiis, Netflix, possibly not even iTunes, Foxtel or laptops even. Just the cathode ray tube TV, the CD/cassette tape recorder, and a clunky old computer that was probably Windows 2000. It was during those days that life was simpler, and we were able to not care that much about all the technological advances that were happening, even during that time. Call it ignorance, or call it just a happy childhood where worry wasn’t an issue, I can remember back to one particular pastime that our family, especially me and my brother, partook in- recording from CD’s and the radio to cassette tapes.

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Sentimental Saturdays (A Life Without Internet)


What do people do without internet? No, serious. What do people do? Close your eyes for a second and imagine that life was simpler- no internet (or minimal access to it). Pretty much rewind back to when you were younger, when the world wasn’t as connected as now, and when all you probably cared about was watching TV (on the TV), Nintendo (or Playstation), or catching up with friends- face to face, rather than nowadays with facebook, skype, video-phones and iPads.

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