We Are Messengers – The Home Sessions

Word Label Group

Release Date: April 10th 2020

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

We Are Messengers– The Home Sessions (iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Power
  2. Love
  3. Maybe It’s OK
  4. Home
  5. Always You
  6. Magnify
  7. Never Stop Singing

One of the most inspiring, encouraging, and hopeful albums I’ve heard this year is We are Messengers’ full-length sophomore effort Power. Comprising their smash hit single “Power” as well as the dependable heartfelt ballad “Maybe It’s Ok”, the CCM band from Ireland provided us with a worthy follow-up to their self-titled debut in 2016, as we were delivered a rousing worship experience full of vibrant and eclectic melodies. My brother Jon reviewed this album, and you can view it here, yet since that time, the group have unveiled a new album. Well, not a new album per se, but a ‘video album’. A collection of 7 acoustic music videos bundled together on Apple Music as The Home Sessions.

For any avid fan of We Are Messengers, this release is a no-brainer in terms of purchasing. There’s 7 videos for $12- each track sung with professionalism and intense passion, and with the group including sublime renditions of “Home”. “Maybe It’s Ok” and current single “Love”; it’s guaranteed that you’ll love this new release. Yet with the possibility of all tracks surfacing on Youtube sometime this year, as well as the fact that this release isn’t able to be played on Spotify- are the main drawbacks. However, these are only nitpicks in a near-flawless offering.

It would have been nice for the group to debut a new song or something like that in this new batch of unique renditions. Yet all in all, We Are MessengersThe Home Sessions will fit right in your home during this season of staying at home. While in this current season, brand new songs from artists are going to be few and far between, We are Messengers have rustled up something new, even though we’ve heard these songs before. So what are you waiting for? Watch these three music videos, or buy the 7 videos and watch them. Either way, let’s enjoy these Home Sessions, and eagerly wait for Darren and co.’s next studio album, whenever that may be.

3 songs to listen to: Love, Home, Never Stop Singing

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Sanctus Real, OneRepublic, Kutless, The Afters, Rend Collective, Daughtry

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