TERRIAN – God With Us (Single)

Gotee Records

Release Date: April 12th 2019

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

TERRIAN– God With Us (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. God With Us

Is there anything TobyMac can’t do. Apart from being a full-fledged singer/songwriter and influential musician in the CCM industry, and being nominated a crazy amount of awards throughout his time in the spotlight; he is also the CEO of Gotee Records- previously a large but now a small, tightly knit label group with a handful of artists of which most Toby has ‘found’ and has since nurtured to stardom so to speak. Not to say that Toby’s an active mentor to all of these artists, but his impact and imprint has been all over these artists, which is definitely a good thing. Even though Relient K and Jamie Grace are now independent singers, and Capital Kings have disbanded (and all three received their start through TobyMac!), the current roster of Finding Favour, Hollyn, Cochran and Co., Ryan Stevenson and Aaron Cole have all been moulded along the path of Christian music due to Toby’s presence in their lives. Well, it’s time for yet another young artist to step in and show the world what she can deliver to us. TERRIAN, one of Toby’s backing vocalists, and longtime member of the Diverse City Band, has decided to step out on her own and start her own solo career via Gotee Records…I guess under Toby’s tutelage. So what is the end result? An emotional, powerful piano led ballad called “God With Us”.

God with us. Emmanuel. These simple words invoke feelings and emotions that vary from person to person; but whatever the image that we conjure up, we can’t deny that most of the time whenever these words are sung or even uttered as a whisper, something special happens in the Spirit, and God’s movements become heightened or more evident. This is the case with TERRIAN’s debut song as well. For as TERRIAN ardently and passionately cries out ‘…Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God with us, living inside, Emmanuel…’, I can’t help but have chills down my spine. Literally. Such a simple song yet so profound and revolutionary (in the sense that I reckon that this track will propel TERRIAN to stardom in the CCM industry for years and years to come!), there’s nothing much more I can say about this track except…go listen to it and be amazed!

Through lyrically simple, I’ve got to say that “God With Us” is nonetheless one of this year’s most inspiring tracks I’ve heard. Sky’s the limit for TERRIAN, and let us hope that whenever her full length debut releases, that lives will be changed and hearts opened to the Gospel because of it! Well done Toby for signing such a gem of an artist, and a woman seriously on fire for Jesus! Now Toby…it’s time for that official dc Talk reunion, don’t you reckon?

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Riley Clemmons, Francesca Battistelli, Hillsong Worship, Jamie Grace, Seth & Nirva, TobyMac

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