Sofia Carson – Applause (From “Tell It Like A Woman”) – Single

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Release Date: December 9th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Sofia Carson– Applause (From “Tell It Like A Woman”) – Single (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Applause (from “Tell It Like A Woman”)

If there’s one thing that I know, it’s that the past few years, but especially the years of 2020 and 2021, have been the years for surprises. There’s no denying that at the start of the year in 2020, we all couldn’t have expected that we’d be in lockdown, quarantining, that most things like movies and music would have to be put on hold… yet there we were- stuck at home for some of us. For me though, while the past few years have been tough in probably every aspect you could ever think of; one such surprise that I have been grateful for is my introduction to up-and-coming pop singer Sofia Carson. Sofia and her discography (and her filmography!), was sort of a left field surprise for me back in late 2020; with her impacting and hopeful constant release of singles, and her relatable and powerful roles in each of her films, reminding me to keep a more focused look on her as the years progressed. Because back in 2020, I could tell she was destined for greater things. A triple threat in her own right (singer, actor, dancer!), I first heard about Sofia probably about in October 2020, when the song “Guess I’m A Liar” released. I don’t know what I was doing one day, but going to and having a browse and a scan on the YouTube home page, resulting in YouTube recommending me her video for “Guess I’m A Liar” in my feed. I paid no attention- simply because I was under the impression that Sofia was just another pop star; and then it was later a couple of weeks later that my paths crossed with her music yet again- my brother and I watched the entire 3 movies of The Descendants (you can read my review here!)… and guess what? Yep, it was Sofia’s performance in these movies (acting-wise and her singing ability!) that resonated with me and captivated my attention immensely.

After watching another one of Sofia’s movies (Feel The Beat) and then me consciously exploring her discography and her singles such as “Back To Beautiful”, “Love Is The Name”, “I Luv U”, “Miss U More Than U Know”, “Different World” and “Ins And Outs”; I found myself more and more inspired and encouraged by her music. Sofia is an artist that the world doesn’t know that well- simply because she only recently released her debut album in March 2022. We reviewed Sofia’s self-titled debut album here on this site. But as God has put things in my place for me to be more familiar with her music, and for me to enjoy her music… so too will he draw Sofia’s music to others. The more I listened, the more I wanted to tell others about this young woman who is changing the world through her music, her movies and her sheer optimism and positivity. If you want to know more about Sofia and her upbringing, then google is your friend, as well as Wikipedia, and my reviews of Feel The Beat and The Descendants. I also reviewed her songs “Guess I’m A Liar” and “Hold On To Me” here, as well as her debut album. My brother Jon blogged about Sofia’s burgeoning influence– reminding us that the future of pop music is indeed bright- and so now that we’re all up to date on all things Sofia Carson, now here we are, in 2023. Sofia recently released her latest single “Applause” back in December 2022- and now that it’s been a while, let me briefly touch upon this song and my thoughts- considering that the nominations for the Emmys just released, and “Applause” was recently nominated for an Oscar.


Our song is an anthem for women, from the powerful film “Tell It Like A Woman”. A film directed by women, about women, for everyone. A beautiful and deeply timely reminder to applaud ourselves for how far we’ve come, and to applaud ourselves for how far we will go. Because we fight like women, we survive like women, and we do it together.

On behalf of all women, thank you, Diane, for giving us Applause…

Originally nominated for best song at the Oscars this past year; Sofia collaborated with legendary songwriter Diane Warren and contributed a song to the film Tell It Like A Woman. A documentary film that tells seven short stories about influential women; the song is a powerful, impacting, and emotive slow ballad championing women in general and also letting women know that they’ve appreciated, valued, accepted, and loved. With Sofia crying out that we all should give some applause to each other and to ourselves for the reason of being determined and sticking it out in whatever we do and everything that we want to achieve in life; we are also inspired to ‘…give yourself some applause, you deserve it, give yourself some respect ’cause you’ve earned it, give yourself some love ’cause you’re worth it, you’re worth it…let ’em know you know it, go and show you own it, you’re bold, you’re bad, you’re strong, so give yourself some applause, applause, applause…’. And as we realise that though this song is directed to women, the theme can also extend to essential workers and just anyone who is a vital part of society; this melody inspires us to be grateful and thankful for every part of the world we live in. For if there are no teachers or doctors or small business owners or garbage collectors or _____… then there’d be no sense of order in many things. We all need applause and recognition, and Sofia outlines this fact in the best possible way of a catchy pop ballad.

Sofia Carson isn’t that well known in the music industry. But with her debut album, as well as her stardom and prowess as a singer in the film Purple Hearts– as well as the meteoric rise she’s had since “Applause” was nominated for an Academy Award; she will undoubtedly be in 2023, 2024 and beyond. Sofia also released her new movie Songbird with KJ Apa in December 2020, and she has also delivered the performance of her career thus far with the Netflix film Purple Hearts as Cassie Salazar. Here’s hoping a sophomore studio album releases soon; and sky’s the limit for this inspirational and humble young woman who no doubt will be popular, but will also inspire us all to live the best lives that we can. So, as we start the second half of 2023, what better way to end it than to listen to “Applause”, and then go back through Sofia’s discography? What do you guys reckon? Well done Sofia, I can’t wait to hear what it next for you in 2023 and 2024!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Dove Cameron, Selena Gomez, Bebe Rexha, Tori Kelly, Demi Lovato, Sabrina Carpenter, Little Mix, Jess Glynne

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