Samantha Jade – Beautiful and Golden (The Sisterhood Song) (Single)

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Release Date: August 20th 2021

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Samantha Jade– Beautiful and Golden (The Sisterhood Song) (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Beautiful And Golden (The Sisterhood Song)

Inspiration, encouragement, joyfulness, happiness, and optimism are all in short supply considering the year we’ve all had. In 2020 and 2021 especially, we all have been relentlessly knocked down and discouraged by COVID-19- especially the Delta variant, the bushfires, the murder of George Floyd, and the falling away of a number of high profile Christian celebrities from the faith. And it does seem as if this year, like last year, is a write-off and something that we all would want to wish to be over- sooner rather than later. However, as I have mentioned many a time, I’ve come to still be encouraged and inspired in the midst of trials, chaos and calamity. I’ve predominately been inspired through the likes of many different genres of music; and while you can read many of our extensive reviews here, outlining albums from artists across many different genres (country, pop, rock, CCM, worship etc), another new song I’ve been blessed to hear is Aussie pop artist Samantha Jade’s new single “Beautiful And Golden (The Sisterhood Song)”. Now I haven’t had the pleasure of diving deep enough into much of Samantha’s music at all- given that she is a mainstream artist and I have only been listening to mainstream artists on a regular basis since the beginning of 2019, for around about 2 years now. Though I first was introduced to Samantha’s songs in late 2019 through YouTube recommending me “Bounce”; since then, I’ve enjoyed many of her songs- but I wouldn’t say I’m an avid fan though. Yet “Beautiful and Golden (The Sisterhood Song)”, like the track “Back 2 Back”, is such a joy to listen to; and has me quietly anticipating Samantha’s brand new album.

Priceline Pharmacy has announced its “Support Our Sisters” major fundraising campaign for 2021 as it celebrates 10 years of the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation. The fundraising campaign invites Australians to co-write a special new charity single to support women. That then singer-songwriter Samantha Jade will then turn into a song.

The lyrics will then be displayed in Priceline Pharmacy front windows across Australia for customers to read and be inspired by.

This crowdsourced ‘Sister Song’, was created by branding and creative agency Whippet.

Gabrielle Tully, head of marketing at Priceline Pharmacy, said: “The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation was formed ten years ago to give back the communities in which we live and work.

“We’re excited to partner with Samantha Jade and get our customers involved by creating unique touchpoints throughout the month. We’re so thrilled to be creating a song about Sisterhood that expresses the collective voice of Australians and helps raise money for an important cause.”

Australians can head in-store, share their Sisterhood stories and donate to the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation

The above quote is a press release about how the song “Beautiful And Golden” was envisioned, and how it’s inspired by Priceline and their fundraising campaign. Because of this marketing strategy… could it be that “Beautiful And Golden” is a song only for females or a song only for those who visit Priceline? No matter how the song originated (and it’s unfortunate that I could not find an interview quote from Samantha about this song in particular!), the beauty is that it’s definitely relevant and relatable in a lot of different ways, and to a lot of different people- men included. Never mind that the song is a ‘sisterhood song’, there is still a smile that comes to my face as I listen to this hopeful, encouraging and inspiring piano led ballad. With Samantha earnestly relaying that ‘…all we need’s a little hope and just a little bit of strength, we’re all perfectly imperfect and we’re just doing our best…’, we are reminded that with friends and family by our side (and also God!), we are unstoppable, and that light will be able to shine in and amongst the darkest places. Can we be beautiful and golden, presumably a metaphor for happy and content in life, in spite of adversity and setbacks? Yes, I believe we can, and this song alludes to the fact that we can as well!

Mainstream pop music and I don’t really mix well. There are a handful of songs though that speak out to me; and there’s something about Samantha Jade’s music that is so optimistic and feel-good and just plain enjoyable, that I can’t help but be moved and inspired in almost every song. The same goes for “Beautiful And Golden”- and as Samantha Jade forges on and readies her next full length album in the midst of COVID-19 (whenever that may be!), we are reminded about the power of friendship and of the goodness of people. Sure, this song isn’t a ‘Christian’ song per se… but God still works through this compelling and confronting gem of a melody. And now, let me ask what are you waiting for? Do you want to be comforted in the confines of a gentle and comforting ballad? Well then “Beautiful And Golden” is your thing- and I’d say listen because you might find your next pick-me-up tune that you turn to when you need encouragement. Well done Samantha, I can’t wait to hear what’s next in store for you.

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Kylie Minogue, Jessica Mauboy, Delta Goodrem, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Little Mix, Ellie Goulding

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