Robbie Seay Band – Psalms Volume 3

robbie seay band- psalms vol 3


Release Date: September 9th 2014

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Robbie Seay BandPsalms Volume 3 (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Psalm 18 (I Love You, O Lord)
  2. Psalm 66 (You are Great)
  3. Psalm 116 (You Turn My Soul to Rest)
  4. Psalm 130 (I Wait)

Maybe Robbie Seay Band are on a mission- to sing songs from the Psalms for the rest of their career. The band most famous for songs like “Miracle”, “For a Kingdom and a King”, their cover of Jon Foreman’s “Your Love is Strong” and their most popular hit “Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)”, Robbie Seay and his band have since released albums independently after a while with Sparrow Records. From Houston, Texas, Robbie’s heart for creating music that ministers to the soul using motifs and powerful lyric lines is nothing short of real, honest and remarkable. Despite the band not being as popular or even well known within the CCM circle currently, here they are releasing their third volume of songs written from the Psalms.

The third EP in a row to bring out melodies that are essentially scripture in song, these melodies are great throwbacks to that period. Though I may not have fully read every Psalm within the bible, listening to these songs have given myself a renewed vigour and fervent interest in reading the Psalms again. While not as sophisticated or even as catchy as songs from Matt Redman, Kari Jobe or Chris Tomlin, Psalms Vol. 3 is a nice 4 track EP reminding us that there is still some truth within the Psalms, and great encouragements for us to read if ever we need some words of inspiration.

From Psalm 18, “I Love You, O Lord” starts off the 4 song EP with such energy, enthusiasm and Robbie singing directly from the Psalm, declaring to the Lord how lovely He is. Singing directly from the Psalms has a certain feel to it- much different from constructing a song a la CCM, and while it may take some time to get used to hearing scripture in song (even for me, after reviewing Psalms Vol. 1), Robbie and his band present biblical truths sung to modern music to remind us that scripture in song can be equally as poignant and emotive now as it was when the style of music and song arrangements were popular. With electronic keyboards and a powerful drum beat presence, Robbie declares out ‘…I love You o Lord, You are my God, You are my refuge, You are my shield, and my salvation…’ and we see a great start to possibly one of the most worshipful EP’s of the year since Brett Younker’s Burning in My Soul.

“Psalm 116 (You Turn My Soul To Rest)” and “Psalm 130 (I Wait)” both end the album, and both remind us of the concept and necessity of rest, and waiting in the Father’s presence, yet it is the second track, “You are Great”, that is a favourite of mine. Based off Psalm 66, we hear the most free-flowing melody on the EP. If you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t have picked that it was sung straight from the Psalms. The most upbeat melody on the EP, this powerful anthem of praise encourages us all to proclaim that ‘…all the earth will shout Your praise, and all the earth will sing Your name, for You are great…’. A standout track, for this song alone I reckon this EP ought to be listened to and purchased. Three EP’s in and the band have crafted a unique ability to write the Psalms into songs that are interesting, catchy and encouraging. Maybe Sons of Korah will have competition in the future?

While this is still relatively a new venture for Robbie Seay Band, this EP, and the 2 preceding it, show us a band that has been able to bring out some of their best music within these 3 music offerings, as we hear music that is different, powerful, emotive, encouraging and profound, recorded and delivered with the same passion and enthusiasm as songs before. With Robbie Seay Band another artists alongside others like Jessa Anderson, Kerrie Roberts, Jars of Clay and Audrey Assad who has made the successful transition from label to indie, Psalms Vol. 3 is a great result from a band who is one of the most underrated worship band of the modern CCM era. Well done Robbie Seay Band for such an enjoyable EP!

3 songs to listen to: You are Great, You Turn My Soul to Rest, I Wait

Score: 3.5/5

RIYL: The Sonflowerz, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham

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