Passion – Step Into The Light (feat. Sean Curran) (Single)

Sixsteps Records

Release Date: February 15th 2019

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

PassionStep Into The Light (feat. Sean Curran) (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Step Into The Light (feat. Sean Curran)

Hang on a sec everyone, didn’t Passion already release an album this year? Yep, you are right! Follow You Anywhere dropped in January this year, and we reviewed the project here– and you can read that at your own pace… so what’s the deal with this new single “Step Into The Light”, which is not present on Follow You Anywhere? Why not wait and release the album when this song was out? Why not reserve “Step Into The Light” for the annual Passion album for 2020? Answers we’d probably won’t receive any time soon, yet this doesn’t detract from what a beautiful, captivating, powerful and heartfelt worship anthem this is. My favourite worship of the year (and probably will continue to be even by the end of the year); this track is a must for fans of worship music in general. Guaranteed you will be blessed here and God will minister to your hearts as well!

Standing tall at almost 6 minutes, Sean Curran’s passion (no pun intended!) is on full display here, as he fervently and ardently relays to us that as Christians we ought to ‘…step into the light…’ because ‘…the darkness can’t survive, the fire in His eyes…step into the light, you were never meant to hide, you were made to be alive…’. Freeing and comforting, yet also confronting and challenging in the sense that Sean asks the question of whether we as Christians are actually as on fire for Jesus as we say we are; we are encouraged to have a good look in the mirror at the way we conduct our lives. And as Sean details, our shame shouldn’t enslave us nor own us. It should be a time of celebration and joy- so why don’t we step into the light and make known to everyone what was once only known in secret? Something to ponder over as we bask in Sean’s exquisite worship leading ability!

Even though “Step Into The Light” was not featured on Follow You Anywhere this doesn’t mean that the 10-track live project is bad. Not by any means. Follow You Anywhere isn’t as enjoyable as Whole Heart nor Worthy Of Your Name, yet Passion’s heart is still the same- to bring glory to God in whatever setting they’re in, and to spread the gospel in whatever way they can. In that sense, I am sure that I will grow to love this album just like albums previous (I mean, it’s only been out nearly 2 months!), as I am reminded that this is a movement that does what works for them, and will continue to give God the glory for however long God continues to put the calling on Louie and Shelly Giglio (after all, Passion is Louie’s brain-child and what God called and is still calling for him to do and be a part of!). “Step Into The Light” however is an instant winner for me. Chris Tomlin may not be a part of Passion anymore, but the future of Passion is in good hands with Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Melodie Malone and Sean. So now we can sit back and listen to the lyrical and musical and vocal prowess of the Passion team- and sing along with Crowder, Melodie, Sean, Brett and Kristian. Need any more reasons to follow Jesus anywhere? Need any more reasons to step into the light?

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL:  Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Kari Jobe, Matt Maher, Cory Asbury, Rend Collective, Kristine DiMarco, Matt Redman, Michael W. Smith

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