Natalie Grant – Praise You in This Storm (Single)

Curb / Word Label Group

Release Date: June 12th 2020

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Natalie GrantPraise You in This Storm (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Praise You in This Storm

Natalie Grant needs to introduction. A mainstay in Christian music for years, this songstress and quite arguably one of the most powerful vocalists (in both Christian and mainstream music) in recent memory, has given to us powerful songs over the years, from ‘Held’, ‘Live for Today’, ‘I Am Not Alone’ and ‘Bring it All Together’, to ‘The Real Me’, ‘I Will Not Be Moved’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Be One’ and more recently ‘More Than Anything’ and ‘King of the World’; to name a few. Now five years later on from the chart topping Be One that released in 2015 (and was one of my favourite albums of that particular year), Natalie came back in tremendous fashion in the release of her powerful and much-anticipated radio single ‘My Weapon’ back in February 2020. Cowritten with Natalie Grant and other fellow songwriters (not singers) in Benji Cowart, Jonathan Jay, Ryan Ellis and Andrew Bergthold, ‘My Weapon’ is a hard-hitting track about using the Lord’s presence and the power of prayer as our greatest weapon against the circumstances that may hold us back in everyday life. Produced by husband Bernie Herms, ‘My Weapon’ reminds us  that the weapon which is Christ in all that He is, is enough for us to repel and push back the cowering darkness that may take hold of our lives at any time. Now just today, Natalie has unveiled another song- this time as part of her album pre-save/pre-release on apple music, due out in August 2020: ‘Praise You In This Storm’.

Let me just say that ‘Praise You In this Storm’ is perhaps one of my favourite songs by Casting Crowns…ever. Hands down. We all know this song, that was birthed way back in 2005 and was released on Casting Crowns’s second album Lifesong. The song itself is about trusting the Lord and declaring Him to be faithful, praisng Him even during the difficult and trying times of our lives. This song certainly rings true and is a timely track unveiled by Natalie, especially during the COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter climate that is happening around the world. In all of the confusion, uncertainty and just-plain worry, it is good and nice to be reminded of a song that still stands firm and tall today as it did when it was written. To declare or even utter the words ‘and I’ll praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands, cause You are who You are no matter where I am’ is something of a bitter pill to swallow, but nevertheless, this is the truth- that God is the same even if our circumstances change.

‘Praise You in this Storm’ is a great reminder to understand that even if we can’t see the Lord working now, He is still working, and we praise Him not because of what we can see Him doing now or even what we see Him doing in our lives full stop, but we praise Him because of who He is, and what He undertook all those years ago to reconcile all of humanity back to Himself. And that is the reason why I love ‘Praise You In This Storm’ so much- it embodies so much of the frustration and the anger, the hurt and the downright bewilderment, when we look at humanity right now, but still carries a sense of hope and purpose as we assert to ourselves and to the Lord, that even in the midst of trouble, we look to the One who can alleviate all these things (and still does), but more than that, we praise Him just because He is good- though we may not see it, though we may not even feel it, He is still good, He still cares, His heart still breaks for the world as it is in currently, and He still is working behind the scenes in ways that we may not even see or fathom.

Natalie’s version of the song isn’t as guitar driven- and maybe that’s the point. With just the piano, strings and her voice, the lyrics are accentuated and highlighted all the more, as we contemplate the gravity of what is being sung. ‘Praise You in This Storm’ has become an anchor for myself in terms of my own faith over the years, and it is great, and much needed, for another rendition of an already-good song, to release in such a time and moment like this. Natalie Grant is back, and with a 5 year sabbatical, it’s like she’s never left. ‘My Weapon’ is great, and so is this new rendition of ‘Praise You in this Storm’. A song that will unite a generation of people on their knees crying out to God for revival in a world that so desperately needs it, Natalie’s new album No Stranger (due out in August 2020), is sure to be very much anticipated, if her new music is as emotive and compelling as ‘My Weapon’ and ‘Praise You in This Storm’. Well done Natalie for this great Casting Crowns cover, looking forward to the new album in a few months!

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Love & The Outcome, Meredith Andrews, Rebecca St. James, Mandisa

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