Mini-Review: Point Of Grace – Home For Christmas

Point Of Grace

A Christmas Story

Label: Word Records

Release Date: September 27th 1999 (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Joy To The World
  2. When Love Came Down
  3. Angels We Have Heard On High
  4. Let It Snow / Sleigh Ride
  5. Carol Of The Bells / What Child Is This?
  6. O Holy Night
  7. How Great The Joy
  8. Emmanuel God With Us / O Come O Come Emmanuel
  9. Light Of The World (feat. Michael Tait)
  10. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
  11. Jingle Bell Rock
  12. Coventry Carol
  13. One King
  14. Not That Far From Bethlehem

Initial thoughts: A true 90’s vocal group, one whereby their music is always powerful, enthralling and captivating no matter what they sing. A Christmas Story is one of the albums that always stands the test of time, and never gets old- despite it being 21 years old!

Reason to listen: To get into the Christmas spirit, to worship Jesus, to bask in the glory of God, to marvel at the wonder and amazing group that is Point Of Grace… all of the above? Need I say more?

Reason to buy: See above. Point Of Grace aren’t that popular nowadays, nor are they active to the same degree now that all of the members are older and have families… but in their heyday in the 90’s they were big! This album is a reminder to be grateful that they did actually get to release several albums and make their mark on CCM… so if you’re not a fan of Point Of Grace… I mean, what are you doing? You need to remedy that straight away!

Reason to skip: Seriously? Are you really asking this question? If you are, you need to stop reading now. Because there is no reason to skip this album. None whatsoever.

No. of carols: 8

No. of originals: 6

No of guest artists: 1 (Michael Tait on track #9), while all member of POG sing together in harmony throughout each track also

Does it have heart?: Yes of course- there’s intense passion and brilliant vocal harmonies here. A number of songs are worship songs to God- and once listen of any song here will open your ears to the intense enthusiasm and passion of the members!

Does it have a Christmas-y atmosphere?: Very much so. Bells and whistles and everything. The whole ‘she-bang’ if you will. Almost rivals any Christmas album from Michael W. Smith. And when the world right now is fragile and upside down… don’t you reckon listening to a ‘traditional’ Christmas album brings a smile to our faces? It sure does for me!

Uniqueness?: Unique in the sense that this project is mostly stripped back and devoid of all of the loud instruments, and is a peaceful, thought-provoking, comforting album, that is as traditional as you could get in the sense of being a Christmas album. Is it unique though considering other Christmas albums? Perhaps, perhaps not. Definitely not though when comparing this release to Christmas albums from Jason Gray and Andrew Peterson.

Christmas message: All of the 6 originals are God breathed and speak about the birth of Jesus, while only 2 of the 8 carols are essentially ‘holiday songs’. So, yes, the Christmas message of Jesus is very much there. As it should be on any Christmas album- yes even the ‘secular’ Christmas albums should have at least one worshipful Christmas song. Can we please not make the obligatory worship Christmas song “Silent Night” though?

Closing thoughts: Point Of Grace’s Christmas album excels greatly in all facets, and has massive replay value, at least for me. Whether it will for any of you is I guess up to you… so hop to it, and be blessed and inspired!

3 songs to listen to: When Love Came Down, Light Of The World, One King

Overall rating: 5/5

Yes/no; why/why not?: A resounding yes! Of course go and buy this album or at least listen on Spotify. And listen to the other 2 Christmas albums from Point Of Grace as well!

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