Maddie & Tae – Heart They Didn’t Break (Single)

A Mercury Nashville Release / UMG Recordings Inc.

Release Date: June 30th 2023

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Maddie & Tae– Heart They Didn’t Break (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Heart They Didn’t Break

Prior to the past few years, I wasn’t that open to many country artists. Well… maybe aside from Carrie Underwood; but I was actually subconsciously immersed in Carrie’s music long ago- during my teenage years. Yet this year (and also throughout the last few years as well!), I’ve been much more receptive to and captivated by the genre. By watching Grady Smith’s youtube channel of country reviews on a regular basis since mid-2020; I’ve become much more open to country music, and all in all, I’ve found that I love listening to authentic country music that tells a story…even though I’m not American. Up-and-coming country duo Maddie & Tae have been one of the surprise artists recently that have engaged and resonated with me; and one such country artist that has thoroughly delivered above and beyond anything I could ever envision a country artist recording and displaying to the world. Maddison Font and Taylor Kerr are songwriters and vocalists in their own right- and when you read my review of The Way It Feels, as well as my blog about them, and also listen to Matthew West’s podcast with them; I’m sure you’ll agree that these girls will be the talk on everyone’s lips in the many months and years to come. With their hit songs “Die From A Broken Heart” and “Girl In A Country Song” each achieving stratospheric success (within the country music scene at least!); the girls were on their way to tour their second full length album in 2020 and in 2021… and that’s when the pandemic hit. Like all musicians, Maddie & Tae recalibrated and re-evaluated… and thus the Christmas EP We Need Christmas was born.

At the beginning of 2021, with the country (of the U.S.) only just opening up to a small degree for concerts; Maddie & Tae released “Woman You Got” in March 2021, a sassy, no-nonsense declaration of love for their husbands, as the duo also convey that even in platonic relationships that honesty is the key to the aforementioned relationship thriving. In May that same year, we were also blessed to hear “Mood Ring”, another melody from the girls that is essentially calling out someone on their toxicity and fickle emotions, reminding us all that we do not need to endure relationships that bring us down mentally and emotionally. While as of August 2021, the girls delivered to us yet another new track- the happy-go-lucky and vibrant “Life Ain’t Fair”, whereby the girls sing out through guitars that life isn’t fair sometimes (subtly alluding to COVID-19), but then reassuring us that life still goes on, and we all have to make the best of a bad situation. In January 2022, the girls unveiled probably their most vulnerable and emotional release yet- Through The Madness Vol. 1 (which we reviewed here), comprising of “Woman You Got” and further standout tracks like “Don’t Make Her Look Dumb”, “Grown Man Cry”, “Madness” and “Strangers”. And while you can read my brother Jon’s thoughts on the release at your own pace; Maddie & Tae have ‘completed’ their new ‘album’ of sorts in September 2022, releasing the 8-song EP Through The Madness Vol. 2. Jon reviewed the girls’ first release of the year… so I reviewed their EP of Volume 2, which can be read here.

Through the Madness Vol. 1 was a project that I thoroughly loved and that is one of my favourite albums/EP’s of the year thus far. The lyricism and themes delivered in that release were incredibly relevant and relatable to the times of today and into the future; and the passion and heart for relevant issues only is strengthened in this second volume. But now, here we are with something special. “Heart That Didn’t Break” is the duo’s brand new single that release this past week. Either a stand-alone single or the lead single off the next album, this song is special because… Tae sings a solo verse and part of the chorus! That’s right, Tae who normally sings harmonies (by choice!) has decided to sing lead on a verse, because of the subject matter of the song. This song is a friendship song and is about platonic soulmates and two women helping each other in their lives, and about ride-or-die friends who are always sticking together through thick and thin. Could this song be about two mates or bros though? could be as well. The point is, that “Heart That Didn’t Break” delves deep into the almost-unbreakable bond between true friends, and celebrates the times you grow together and the times your there for each other.

Here’s to friends… the ones that pick up the pieces, that you can call 24/7, that bring a bottle a wine over when you’ve had a bad day and let you show up exactly how you are. Send this song to your bestie!

I used to think that I’m not the ‘target audience’ of Maddie & Tae. This was especially evident as The Way It Feels delves deep into the security of relationships and the transient nature of falling in and out of love- and as a single person, I can’t relate to these songs as well as others. Yet there’s something about Maddie & Tae in general that makes me keep coming back and listening despite the initial misgivings and the initial apprehensiveness. It’s the realness of these songs, it’s the authenticity, the vulnerability, the emotion, the honesty, and the heartfelt nature of the lyrics that pull at my emotions. If you’re not impacted by a number of songs from Maddie & Tae; then what can I say? You’re not really human? Anyway, as you guys all read more about what I have to say about Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr in my blog, and how God has used them to strengthen my faith and how God has used them to open my eyes more about the complexities of life; let us dive deep into all of Maddie & Tae’s albums, inclusive of both Through The Madness Vol. 1 and Through The Madness Vol. 2. Let’s also listen to “Heart That Didn’t Break”, with Tae’s debut solo verse. It may take a few listens, if you’re not a fan of country; but I guarantee that you’ll find something compelling and inspiring that you will resonate with from the discography of these two girls. Does this mean that this year or next year, Maddie & Tae will release a full-length album of 19 tracks? 8 + 8 + the singles of “Mood Ring”, “Life Ain’t Fair” and “Heart That Didn’t Break”? Only time will tell. While probably still not at the status and respect as other country girl-bands/duos like The Chicks and Pistol Annies; Maddie & Tae are well on their way to becoming a force to be reckoned with, not just within the realms of country music, but in all of music, full stop. Well done both Maddie and Tae, for such a powerful song about friendship and honouring the bonds between besties that you do life with. Looking forward to what the Lord has in store, for the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Kacey Musgraves, Luke Coombs, Dan + Shay

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