LZ7 – Give My All/Golden – Single

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Release Date: June 2nd 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

LZ7– Give My All / Golden – Single (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Give My All
  2. Golden (feat. S.O.)

Founded by Lindz West in 2005, in Manchester England, pop/dance/worship/rap group LZ7 have had an extraordinary and remarkable journey for the past ten years, with many of their smash hits rising in both the Christian and mainstream music markets. With their previous albums Home, Aftershow, Light and Gasoline all loved and appreciated by listeners and critics alike, LZ7 have recently dropped a brand new single/EP Give My All/Golden, in anticipated of their new full length album releasing later on in 2017 or early 2018. Musically similar to artists like TobyMac, Lecrae, Group 1 Crew and Hillsong Young & Free, these brand new melodies from LZ7 inspire and provide us insight into the human condition. So despite the obvious repetition, how do these two songs stack up against other songs in 2017. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

“Give My All” is an explosive, powerful and emotional pop anthem brilliantly led by vibrant and eclectic guitar hooks and electronic synths, as both Lily-Jo in the chorus and Lindz in the rap verses provide to us a double-layered song where the persona could be singing about a loved one or about God. Either way, we are reminded in the chorus that ‘…I give my all, but it means nothing, it means nothing without You…’, a refrain that speaks volumes. Of course, life without loved ones seems like it doesn’t make sense, but what really stopped me at my tracks is if LZ7 was singing about God. Without God, does life really mean nothing? Are all our family relationships immaterial if God isn’t in the picture? Something to think about, as LZ7 provide to us one of the most confronting songs of 2017, as we ponder over how much we truly believe we need God, versus how much we actually do need Him. The final track on this ‘double-side’ single is “Golden”. A chilled out, laid back dance and electronic prominent melody where the band remind us that ‘…you’re golden, I promise you’re chosen, no one can take that away from you…with colours exploding…24 carats and 24 hours, every minute’s golden with you, every waking hour, I can sing it louder…’ we are presented with Lily-Jo vocally placing on her Britt Nicole hat (at least the vocal and musical structure of Britt’s new song “Pave”!), encouraging us that we’re worth more than we could ever imagine, to our friends and family and to God.

Still considered to be new and upcoming to the CCM/worship/pop music scene, LZ7 have created a gem of a single that keeps me dancing long after the music stops. With both songs “Give My All” and “Golden” sure to be on rotation for many months to come on my iTunes playlist, I reckon these releases have the potential to cross country borders, and expand their popularity to other parts of the world! With the rapping skills of Lindz being equal or maybe very, very close to that of Lecrae (let’s face it, no one can compare to Lecrae!), LZ7’s ability to deliver pop, rap, EDM and ballads is a great skill that will only continue to lead them to newer heights in the future. With a new album in the works for release in 2017/2018, fans of Toby, Group 1 Crew, Press Play, Matt Redman or Capital Kings are sure to enjoy these two new singles, by one of the best British Christian rap groups that I’ve heard! Well done guys, I hope and pray that 2017 and 2018 are some of your best years ever!

2 songs to listen to: Both of them!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Group 1 Crew, Matt Redman, Capital Kings, TobyMac, Rapture Ruckus, Press Play

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