Lindsay Ell – Right On Time (Single)

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Release Date: April 27th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Lindsay Ell– Right On Time (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Right On Time

Throughout the past couple of years- and ever since we started this blog series about influential artists; I have been fortunate to explore and resonate with many different types of music. Predominately in the country genre, but some pop artists as well. My unexpected love for these albums has shown me that there are no limits to what God can use to encourage us in our walk with Him and on this road called life. One of the most inspiring artists I’ve heard over the past few years is Canadian country singer/songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Lindsay Ell. Her 2020 album heart theory was one of the most powerful, thought-provoking and inspiring albums I’ve heard in a while, and I blogged about her in my blog series about future and upcoming influential artists. You can read the blog about her here, as well as read my extensive and glowing 5/5 review of heart theory. And now that you all are awakened to the awesomeness and sheer brilliance of Lindsay… let me quickly dive into her next single “Right On Time”.

“Right On Time”, a pop/country melody a tick over 3 minutes in duration, speaks about life’s choices, and that no one choice is wrong. Specifically, Lindsay speaks about her own situation, about how she is still single and still stuck in a certain season in life. And this song speaks to the core of us all and our own insecurities and our own issues. Because in my opinion, this track can apply to everyone. With Lindsay fervently and effortlessly relaying to us all that ‘…people make it look so easy, in and out of love so fast, I don’t give it up that easy, ’cause I won’t put my heart through that, I’m either optimistic or a little naïve, I’m everywhere and nowhere that I thought I would be, thirty years later and I gotta believe that I’m either late to the party or right on time…’; we are presented with this mentality that whether we have successful and happy and content life, is partially dependent on our outlook, about whether we believe we’re ‘late to the party or right on time’. Of course, life isnt’ that simple… but this song reminds us that sometimes- it is that simple. It’s a song that seemingly isn’t that ground-breaking- but should remind us to check out outlook on life once in a while. Even if we think we’re not where we are in life at the moment, we can love the season we’re in by living in the present moment and giving everything we’ve got at life.

With “Right On Time” resonating because of the brilliance of Lindsay Ell the singer and the songwriter; I reckon Lindsay and her music are about to change the world in the lives of many- in a very massive way if they haven’t already! Having already shown us a track-for-track and like-for-like recording of her favourite album ever- John Mayer’s Continuum in The Continuum Project in 2018; Lindsay proves to us that she can still record vibrant and poignant melodies after her sophomore record. I mean, where’s the sophomore slump? Hopefully never arriving…

The beauty of music is that it can touch so many lives, and when we remember this, we can appreciate heart theory and all of Lindsay’s original material, as standout songs of this modern era. So as we continue about our day; let us spin through every single song from Lindsay Ell (inclusive of “Right On Time”, presumably the lead single off an unnamed album releasing sometime this year?), several times. And we can also dwell upon the important relationships in life; and thank God for Lindsay Ell– one of the brightest and talented young musicians and songwriters of this generation. Well done Lindsay; I can’t wait to hear what God has in store for you next! Maybe a Christmas album or a live project?

I think women spend a lot of time feeling like they might miss their ‘time’ in life –their time to be beautiful, to be a mother, to have their dream career, to work their ass off. It’s a constant fear that we might miss the very thing we want by focusing on something else, and I think I’m just done worrying about that. This is a new dawn for me. I’m stepping into my new music, unapologetically feeling that I can be certain I’m right where I want to be. ‘Right On Time’ is my own theme song – I’ve been told I’ve missed my chance more times than I can count. If women in Country believed that, we would not triumph in the way we always do. So this song is for anyone who needs to hear and be inspired by the idea that you can’t be late to the party in your own life!

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Lady A, Dixie Chicks, Maren Morris, Kane Brown, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert

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