Lincoln Brewster – No One Like Our God

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Release Date: September 15th 2017

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Lincoln BrewsterNo One Like Our God (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. No One Like Our God

It’s been 3 years since worship leader Lincoln Brewster has released a new studio album. Possibly one of the most energetic and enthusiastic guitarist around ever, Lincoln’s passion for worship is shown in any album he records, and his new single ‘No One Like Our God’ off his 2018 album is no different. On the back of his successful 2014 album Oxygen, one of the most underrated worship albums of 2014, alongside his Christmas album Joy to the World, my favourite Christmas album since BarlowGirl’s 2008 Home for Christmas (as well as being my most favourite Christmas album to be released in 2012); Lincoln has given us a song that is fit for the church as we see one of the most enthusiastic worship leaders return with a song that’s certain to become a fan favourite amongst churches around the world in months to come. And while at times his musicianship style differed to suit the CCM/worship musical landscape that dominates the song (therefore, there’s no guitar solo in this track, but since the release, there’s been an outcry, and therefore, Lincoln’s recording a new version of the track with a guitar solo to be released at a later date), Lincoln has invited us to become a part of a track that I reckon will take the CCM/worship industry by storm in the year ahead. Just as songs like ‘Great Are You Lord’, ‘Ever Be’, ‘The Lion and the Lamb’, ‘What a Beautiful Name’, ‘O Come To the Altar’ and ‘Good Good Father’ have invaded our churches, our hearts and our homes in recent years, so too I reckon this new song from Lincoln as the months go by!

Known for his church and radio favourites, from ‘Today is the Day’, ‘There is Power’ and ‘God You Reign’, to ‘Let the Praises Ring’, ‘Sinking Ships’, ‘Oxygen’, ‘Made New’ and ‘Majestic’; ‘No One Like Our God’ joins the ranks of songs that are catchy and heartfelt, alongside it being grounded in biblical scripture and the Word of God. And while I reckon that is what all music for the church should be, grounded in the Word, sometimes we get some songs that are just a little bit more theologically firm than others. Not to have an attack on worship music in general, it’s just that Lincoln and his music has always been special for myself and my own spiritual growth. ‘No One Like Our God’ is no different, in spite of the song not having a guitar solo…yet. Since walking away from a mainstream music career when he was young in his twenties, Lincoln has since proven to be a reliable worship artist, as we see ‘No One Like Our God’ for what it is, a praise song relaying the theme of just that- there is no one, nothing in heaven or earth, no other person, that can fill our hearts, minds and lives as Christ Jesus. There is nothing like Him and there won’t be anything like Him again. He is our hope and future, our Salvation and comfort. And Lincoln, regardless of the guitar solo, conveys this truth very much with passion and encouragement. And while the song itself falls prey to repetition in the chorus, all can be forgiven once we hear the enthusiasm Lincoln has delivered not only in this song, but throughout his career as well. And while we are waiting for a new version of the track with a guitar solo later on, let us all enjoy the song that we’re given now, and remind ourselves, maybe even daily, that ‘…what is this love that won’t relent, that’s calling out with heaven’s breath, who’s reaching wide to save our souls, only You, what is this grace that makes no sense that we could never recompense, who gives us all a second chance, only You…there is no one like our God…’

If I have discussed this fact in a roundabout way but never hit the hammer on the head, let me do so now- Lincoln Brewster is a fantastic worship leader with an immense and prolific electric guitar skill that makes his ability to transform worship songs akin to how Stu G. enhances every Delirious? and One Sonic Society track he is on. Giving us equal amounts of enthusiasm, emotion, heart, passion, poignancy and worshipfulness within this track (aside from the solo which will be tackled as the song will be re-released in the future, with the guitar solo attached), ‘No One Like Our God’ is a refreshing, heartfelt, emotive and poignant look at how there is literally no one like our Father and Friend, Redeemer, Healer, comforter, counsellor and Saviour. The song will bless whomever listens to it, even though on the surface, it can seem like more of a trademark CCM track than the original Lincoln Brewster flair his previous tracks had. Well worth the wait for 3 years, this new song is a great follow-up album to Oxygen perhaps one of my favourite worship songs of the year alongside Cimorelli’s ‘Never Let Me Fall’, The City Harmonic’s ‘Honestly’ and Passion’s ‘Worthy of Your Name’.

Score: 4.5/5 [1/2 a point off for there not being a guitar solo!)

RIYL: Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong UNITED, Tim Hughes

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