Life Of Carter – Life Of Carter EP


Release Date: October 20th 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Life Of Carter– Life Of Carter EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. All We Need
  2. Brand New
  3. We’re The Colors
  4. Without Warning
  5. I Think I’m Afraid

“…I’ve been writing and creating music the past twelve months working toward releasing something special. My life has been something like a movie the past two years with a lot of unfortunate circumstances and challenges, but God has done some amazing things in bringing me through it. I’ve moved to Nashville, watched God work some miracles and open doors to launch my new band and helped me transition from a full-time youth pastor in Ohio to full-time artist…” You may or may not have heard of up and coming artist Carter Frodge. A former member of Everyday Sunday, Carter has worked as a solo artist since 2015 and touring extensively around the world since then. With his new band recently formed, called Life Of Carter, and his vision being one to reach today’s generation through relevant lyrics and a pop/dance/electronic vibe and atmosphere; Life Of Carter EP dropped recently to stores, containing 5 all new original recordings. Musically and vocally similar to Anthem Lights and Capital Kings, Carter’s EP is reinvigorating, as we are blessed to hear a young man on fire for Jesus, and pointing others to Him unashamedly. So what makes this EP so inspiring and danceable?

Well first of all, musically it sounds like a mainstream album, and that should be music to many listeners’ ears. Pop music at its finest is what Carter is recording here, and it’s no wonder with producers David Thulin and Chuck Butler at the helm. Yet lyrically Carter is set apart from his mainstream contemporaries, as there is depth and substance to his melodies. Debut single “All We Need” is a 4-minute melody of fun, joyous energy, as Carter fervently reiterates that all we need in life is to truly know we are alive, and for a purpose, and we can know that from looking up at the sky, and at creation, as that is when we will know that there is a creator and a divine plan.

While the cheerful and compelling “We’re The Colors” is where Carter subtly references the beautiful simplicity and uniqueness of God’s creation, that we are all different (different colours on a spectrum), but all God’s children as well, as Carter brilliantly combines electric guitars, synth and electronic effects, to create a toe tapping anthem of pop goodness. The final two songs “Without Warning” and “I Think I’m Afraid” take the album into Relient K and Owl City territory, as these are relationship style songs, with the former being a unique take on love from Carter’s perspective, and the latter being a melody voicing insecurities, and the fear of stepping out in faith, in this respect and instance into a relationship, but bigger than that, in any situation, as Carter comments on the fact that he’s afraid of committing to someone forever, or making a decision that lasts forever, and what that may mean for the future.

Yet it is the energetic, bouncy, pop tune “Brand New” that should make everyone stand up and take notice. It’s Carter’s testimony story, as he vividly and overtly declares that ‘…there’s something amazing about the way every twist and turn, every single thing that led me down the road where I found You, You make me brand new, when I’m wrapped in Your love all the chains come undone, I’m brand new, yeah Your love is enough, and it’s never done, we’re always brand new…’, and we’re catapulted into one of the most contagious and thoroughly enjoyable songs in 2017 ever. Kudos to Carter for inspiring us to live out our faith more overtly, and reminding us of Jesus’ immense love for us.

Will Life of Carter mirror the success of Everyday Sunday? Is Carter going to minister to the mainstream or devote himself to record worship music for Christians and the church? No idea for both questions. But one thing is for sure, that Life Of Carter EP is the start of a brand new adventure for Carter Frodge, and one that I would gladly see where it takes him for the moment. So check out the EP, and let us know what you think of it!

3 songs to listen to: All We Need, Brand New, We’re The Colors

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Group 1 Crew, TobyMac, Anthem Lights, Bonray, Hillsong Young & Free, Capital Kings

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