Lecrae – Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only

Reach Records

Release Date: February 24th 2023

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Lecrae Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Cc4
  2. Spread The Opps
  3. Dirt
  4. Still In America
  5. Misconceptions 4 (feat. nobigdyl, Jon Keith, AI the Anomaly)
  6. Good Lord (feat. Andy Mineo)
  7. I-45 Freestyle
  8. Take Me Up (feat. WHATUPRG)
  9. Protect My Peace (feat. Jordan L’ Oreal)
  10. Fear Not
  11. We Did It (feat. PJ Morton)
  12. Journey
  13. Deconstruction
  14. They Ain’t Know
  15. Double R Dreamin (feat. Urstrulyxyz)
  16. Can You Hear Me Now? (feat. D Smoke)
  17. Price Up (feat. Torey D’Shaun)
  18. Legacy (feat. J Paul The Carpenter)
  19. Best Thing (feat. Rotimi)

Lecrae is the GOAT (greatest of all time) in terms of Christian rap music. Call my opinion wrong, but that’s what I believe. I haven’t been well across rap music for an extended amount of time, and I recently reviewed NF’s Hope. But though I won’t touch artists like Eminem, Kanye, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott, to name a few, because of personal preferences; there’s still no denying their craft and their lyrical brilliance as an objective bystander. But for me, who has listened here and there to Lecrae; I have much respect for the guy and I reckon that his songs are much more… shall we say, edifying and food for the soul than other ‘mainstream’ rappers. It is for this reason that I reckon that one of the most powerful and inspiring albums of 2023 is the extended version of the 2022 mixtape Church Clothes 4, titled Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only. Standing tall at 19 tracks, this release is for you if you are a fan of Lecrae, of rap music, and of inspirational music that lifts God high and praises His name.

I’ll be honest- I have not listened fully to this record. I can’t. Not because I don’t like it. I do. I love Lecrae and his music and what he stands for. everything that Jon wrote about in his blog- I stand by and agree with. But I’m not an expert at rap music. that style hurts my head and my ears to the nth degree. Objectively, there’s nothing objectively wrong with rap music. It takes a certain type of skill to be vulnerable and voice your inner most thoughts and say them all out at a quick pace and still be coherent enough for listeners to understand everything that’s being said and conveyed. But for me, listening to a rap album means I need to concentrate, and to be frank, when we are all busy and fill our day up with lots and lots and lots of things, listening to and reviewing a rap album isn’t a priority.

Why both ‘review’ Church Clothes 4: Dry Clean Only though, when I’m not going to talk about any tracks? Isn’t this a bit redundant, in the age of streaming and cherry picking songs? Yes, you’re probably right. But Lecrae’s music has had an impact on my soul and my walk with Jesus Christ, and of the limited amount of time I’ve invested into this album, songs like “They Ain’t Know”, “Journey”, “Deconstruction”, “Fear Not”, “Still In America”, “We Did It” and “Spread The Opps” to name a few, resonated with me, and I’m sure with all of you too. Lecrae’s latest release is a journey, and the last of the Church Clothes franchise. No doubt, God has big things for Lecrae, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next for him. But until that time, let’s marvel at the man and his artistry and the rapping prowess that God has given him, and the fact that he is praising God with his talents. Well done Lecrae, may God continue to bless you and your ministry as He guides your path forward in the future! Perhaps a Christmas album next? And as I end this album, how about an excerpt on what my brother Jon has to say about Lecrae, taken from his review of Restoration Deluxe!

Lecrae’s music will always allow us to be challenged into looking deep within ourselves to ask the questions that maybe may not have been asked if it wasn’t for the music. And Lecrae’s Restoration: The Deluxe Album is no different. Lecrae’s songs, especially songs like ‘Drown’, ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Deep End’ on the standard edition, and ‘Celebrate More’ and ‘Restored’ from the deluxe edition, have all spoken to me over the last few months, and reminded me of how real, relevant and necessary rap music is, especially Christian Hip Hop/Rap, to the current culture and society right now. People are longing for something more than the vapid superlative stuff we are seeing at the moment in the rap culture, and Lecrae gives us a great alternative for this. Speaking about difficult issues in songs throughout his whole entire career thus far (see songs like ‘Welcome to America’, ‘Messengers’, ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’, ‘Background’ and ‘Just Like You’, to name a few); Lecrae has basically been an advocate for all the things I’m sure Jesus would’ve stood up for if He were here now, and for that, Lecrae’s involvement in things that may be considered controversial to be involved in, is why I consider Lecrae to as influential as he is in music and society as a whole. Sure other rap artists are influential in shaping culture and society, maybe in a negative way, but Lecrae’s music, and challenging the status quo, is something that can impact people and bring about a movement of introspection and loving without reservation, long after the artist is said and done with their music. Well done Lecrae for the ministry and music that has been given to us all, going to thoroughly enjoy Restoration: The Deluxe Album on repeat for the upcoming weeks and months ahead!

Once upon a time, we had the vision to demonstrate what it looks like to be authentically hip-hop and a follower of Christ,” shares Lecrae. “We put that vision together in this project called Church Clothes; something for the streets but representing who we are as believers. Church Clothes resonated with people, and they connected with it. Some people say it’s my best work to date! We did Vol 1, 2, and 3, and it’s only right that we keep the legacy with Vol.4. Church Clothes 4 is the last one though!

5 songs to listen to: They Ain’t Know, Deconstruction, Fear Not, Still In America, Spread The Opps

Score: 5/5

RIYL: KB, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, NF, Trip Lee

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