Josh Wilson – Undeniable (Single)

Black River Christian

Release Date: February 5th 2021

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Josh Wilson– Undeniable (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Undeniable

What makes a memorable, compelling, inspirational, powerful and thought-provoking artist? What makes a moving, hopeful and engaging song? Some artists are timeless, and are deserving of being named in an most influential of all time list- yet for the many still somewhat deserving artists who do miss out… where do their songs and melodies rank? In my opinion one of the most inspiring and hopeful artists of this generation is Josh Wilson. While we won’t be blogging about him in our Momentous Mondays series… what I will say instead is this. That the multi-instrumentalist famous for his live-looping, has delivered some of the most impressive and heart-warming songs I’ve heard of late. From “3 Minute Song”, “Saviour Please”, “Before The Morning”, “I Refuse”, “They Just Believe”, “Fall Apart” and “Carry Me” to “Pushing Back The Dark”, “Ok”, “Borrow (1 Day At A Time)”, “That Was Then, This Is Now”, “Dream Small” and “Revolutionary”; we have been blessed to hear God speak through a storyteller, a quiet achiever- as we learn eternal biblical truths and learn more about God’s unending goodness and love. With almost every track being relatable, relevant and enjoyable, this is the case as well with Josh’s latest single “Undeniable”. A pop track driven by the acoustic guitar, Josh has succeeded immensely here; and whether this song is just a release on its own, or part of a bigger project coming out later on in 2021, is immaterial, as it’s still plain to see that Josh is one of the most unique artists I’ve come across this side of the millennia.

A testimony type track whereby Josh recounts how he came to faith (albeit in vague terms to fit the confines of a CCM song!), then later on relays that ‘…I believe in something greater that I can’t explain, I believe all creation’s pointing to Your name, I believe it’s been 2000 years and hearts still change, it’s clear to me You’re here with me God, You are undeniable…’; we are met with a vulnerable, earnest and honest melody that is sure to touch the lives and hearts of many, as we worship an undeniable, irrefutable and indisputable God. With Josh’s new track being one where we are called to something more, something greater than ourselves- serving a God that shows up especially in the times we need Him the most; we are challenged to dive in deeper into this person of Jesus Christ, and to ask the tough questions of why do I believe what I believe. Is it because of my parents, or tradition, or my friends, or do I believe that Jesus died, rose again to life 3 days later, and saved us all from hell and eternal torment?

“Undeniable” is very, very catchy, however if we do not look deeper into the lyrics, and if we do not ask the questions of whether we truly believe in Jesus… then the song hasn’t served its purpose. With COVID-19 still hanging around like a bad smell, it isn’t known when music tours will happen to the same degree as before- and it also isn’t known when albums will release. As such, Josh Wilson’s upcoming album is still TBA. Yet while we wait for that release- let us sit back and worship an undeniable God and sing out His praises! Josh’s songs like “I Refuse”, “Before The Morning” and “Carry Me” hold a special place in my heart- but “Undeniable” is quickly becoming my one of my favourites- for tis strong message of Jesus being obvious to all who look for Him. Well done Josh for this powerful anthem, and I can’t wait to hear what God has next for you!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL:  Brandon Heath, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tenth Avenue North, Big Daddy Weave

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