Jessie J – I Want Love (Single)

Republic Records

Release Date: June 11th 2021

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Jessie J– I Want Love (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. I Want Love

Today we in Sydney, NSW, Australia, are in the midst of a state-wide lockdown. A lockdown that may very well be extended in a few days, and a time where we are all on edge and are frustrated. COVID-19 has been around for one and a half years now, and we’re no closer than to living life as normal as can be. So what can we do while we wait until all of us are eligible for vaccinations? Well, let’s listen to inspirational and uplifting music, don’t you agree? Music has once been described as the universal language of the soul (I don’t know where I heard that from) but I firmly believe that that is still the case. And as we all are immersed in pop music or country music or worship music or CCM music or opera-themed music or whatever genre you’re into these days that helps you have a spring in your step, let me remind you of a future bona-fide smash hit song that is sure to put a smile on your faces regardless of whether you are all cooped up at home or not. “I Want Love” from Jessie J is a heartfelt, in-your-face, no-nonsense pop anthem full of passion, gusto and power- and even if you’re not a Jessie J fan, there’s no doubt that you’ll be captivated by the lead single of Jessie’s untitled upcoming 6th full length album!

Jessie J has been in and around the music industry since her debut album in 2011. Songs like “Who You Are”, “Flashlight”, “Bang Bang”, “Masterpiece” and “Price Tag” have all been resonating and impacting listeners and critics for a while now, while Jessie also unveiled a Christmas album and has been a judge on The Voice (UK and Australia from the span of 2012-2016 for 4 seasons in total). For some reason she hadn’t connected that much for me in the past… but this year I decided to take the plunge with “I Want Love”. The result is me being instantly connected to a track which I believe has relevance both now and into the future. With Jessie suffering Meniere’s disease as well as a major throat condition (which has prevented her from walking properly and from singing respectively), the song I’d say would hold a special place in Jessie’s heart. And as Jessie fervently relays to us that ‘…I want love, baby, tonight, I want it, I want love, don’t try to fight me on it, I want you and me, there’s no confusion, breakin’ all our New Year’s resolutions…’, we are met with someone desperate to feel real love with their significant other. To be loved and to love are some of the most basic and essential wants and needs for each of us, particularly in the midst of a pandemic; and as we listen to this emphatic and emotional melody, let us remember to cherish the ones we love during this season. We may not be physically close to our loved ones during this time, but let us still connect with those we care about. When we have love in our lives, that’s when I reckon we’ll realise that we’ll be ok in the end.

For some reason, Jessie J has a very distinctive voice that is also more powerful than almost any other singer I’ve heard. Some would say though that Jessie belts and she over-delivers… and that is why at times I reckon she is over-trying. But “I Want Love”, her first song in 4 years, has me cautiously optimistic for her upcoming album. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a fan of hers, but “I Want Love” is nonetheless still poignant and impactful. It’s a shame that moving forward Jessie may not sing in the same capacity as before, the world could lose a singer before their time. And so, let us cherish these songs and hold onto them like a lifeline. Let’s have no more bickering over music tastes or whether an artist is horrible or not. We all have different opinions, and we all have different likes or dislikes. I reckon this song is compelling and enjoyable enough for me to take a listen to Jessie’s new album whenever it releases. You all may hate this song though, and that’s ok. We all are wired differently and we all connect with different songs. But take a listen anyway… and let me know what you think. Well done Jessie for your comeback single, and may God raise you up to full health, so that you can continue to make music- what God has put you on this earth to do!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, Ben Platt, Mat Kearney, OneRepublic, Bebe Rexha

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