Jeremy Rosado – Rewind EP


Release Date: June 23rd 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Jeremy Rosado– Rewind EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Rewind
  2. Mystery
  3. Trust
  4. Jesus Is
  5. Let Me Down

Ever since the inception of American Idol in 2003, the reality competition has birthed some of America’s most successful artists and inspiring pop stars. Sure, there’s The Voice, ____’s Got Talent and The X Factor, but American Idol and the other incarnations including Australian Idol, was really the birthplace of the concept of everyday folk trying their hand at being a superstar, with varying degrees of success. Artists like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Danny Gokey, Colton Dixon, Daughtry, Jason Castro, Mandisa and Phillip Phillips have all come from American Idol, with each gathering their fan base post-Idol and making a name for themselves- some in the mainstream media and some in the Christian music industry. Now, yet another American Idol alum, pop/r&b/worship singer songwriter Jeremy Rosado (placed 13th on season 11 of American Idol), looks set to join the aforementioned illustrious company. Releasing his debut album Heartbeat in 2015, via Save The City Records (read the review here!), Jeremy dropped his highly anticipated sophomore project last week, titled Rewind.

“…After American Idol, I went through a season of wishing that I did things differently. Then it hit me that God’s love is there to reverse those feelings. It’s like He “rewinds” our life so that we can start over. We can do things anew. And through Christ, God gives us the ability to do that everyday…” Releasing on the same day as albums North Point Inside Out, The City Harmonic, Tauren Wells, Grits and People Of The Earth; Jeremy’s inspiring set of 5 new songs is very compelling and captivating, as we are immersed into an artist that wears his heart on his sleeve with his authenticity and transparency. Rewind EP, Jeremy’s sophomore offering is sung in a variety and slew of musical genres, and is deserving of many listens as Jeremy declares His love and devotion for Jesus and drawing people to Christ in his unique, vibrant, honest and heartfelt way.

Opening the track list with the soulful and gospel infused title track, brilliantly led by stirring guitars and a 60’s funk/jazz atmopshere, Jeremy fervently and honestly reiterates that despite the slip ups that we make along the way and the mistakes from our past that we would like to erase, we need to know that ‘…every time I wish I could go back, I know His grace doesn’t work like that, every part of my story is for His glory, so I walk ahead knowing that’s the truth, I’ve been redeemed, yeah I’m made new, even though we can’t turn back time, every day is a rewind…’. We cannot erase our mistakes, yet Jeremy points out that we can let God use our mistakes to grow our character and point to His glory and His love for us. The subdued electronic and synth led laid back experimental track “Mystery” is next, as Jeremy eloquently points out the ever-true fact that God is bigger that our minds could ever comprehend, and that we as Christians do not need to figure God out at all, that we need to be content in the mystery of God, and know that everything He does will somehow work out according to His plan and our good. Posing quite of questions that do not necessary have clear-cut answers, “Mystery” engages us and encourages us to dig deeper into the person of Jesus and what He taught, and also testing our trust and faith in the unseen.

Lead single “Trust” is at the mid-point of the album, and is as CCM as songs go, with a hint of remix effects, electronics and synth added in for depth, with Jeremy ardently and passionately reminding us of the fact that with God, we need to trust His perfect knowledge and the fact that He knows much more than us. Declaring ‘…hands off the wheel, I’m riding, you’re driving for real, don’t want it back…eyes off the road, we’re locked on the One in control, this is how it feels to trust in You…’, “Trust” reminds me lyrically of TobyMac’s “Backseat Driver” …in a very good way! Piano only ballad “Jesus Is” is as emotional and honest as any song in 2017 (think the emotional sincerity and intensity of The City Harmonic’s “Honestly”, Cimorelli’s “Alive” and Tauren Wells’ “Hills and Valleys” all meshed together!), and is a personal highlight for me, as Jeremy eloquently sings out the notion of Jesus being by our side, that He is ‘…my Rock, my Strength, my Shelter, my Peace, my Strong Defence, my Joy and my Salvation, my Song, my Confidence…’; while the short but impactful EP ends with “Let Me Down”, a smooth laid back jazz infused ballad, with strong vocal harmonies (Jeremy singing multiple players upon himself is just magical!) where Jeremy points out the Jesus can be trusted, and He will never let us down!

From song 1 to song 5, Jeremy Rosado has created a near-flawless second effort worth many, many listens. It’s clear that Jeremy’s burning passion for Jesus and relatable lyrics show us that God is with us and faithful, and that no matter what we can always make a change in our life if we want to, as God helps us ‘rewind’ and sets our lives brand new. With that underlying theme interweaving throughout the album, it’s no wonder that all five songs are so encouraging. So, should you make the plunge in listening to Jeremy’s new project? Of course- you may find your new favourite song or the healing that you need- songs like “Jesus Is” and the title track are especially moving and inspiring. Fans of artists like Royal Tailor, Jonathan Thulin and Jimmy Needham will definitely love this album. Well done Jeremy, I can’t wait for album #3!

3 songs to listen to: Rewind, Trust, Jesus Is

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Jimmy Needham, Danny Gokey, Joel Vaughn, Jonathan Thulin, Group 1 Crew, TobyMac, Royal Tailor

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