Hillsong Young And Free – III / III Live At Hillsong Conference / III Studio Sessions

Hillsong Music Australia

Release Date: June 29th 2018 / November 2nd 2018 / April 5th 2019

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Hillsong Y&F – III (iTunes/Amazon mp3) / III (Live at Hillsong Conference) (iTunes/Amazon mp3) / III Studio Sessions (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing (III):

  1. Let Go
  2. Every Little Thing
  3. Just Jesus
  4. First Love
  5. Heart Of God
  6. Selah I
  7. Jesus Loves Me
  8. Selah II
  9. Days Gone By
  10. How Deep Is The Love
  11. Push/Pull
  12. Love Won’t Let Me Down
  13. More Of You
  14. Hindsight
  15. P E A C E
  16. Selah III (Fruits Of The Spirit)
  17. Highs & Lows

Track Listing (III Live At Hillsong Conference):

  1. Selah III (Fruits of the Spirit) (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  2. Let Go (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  3. Wake (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  4. Hindsight (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  5. Every Little Thing (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  6. Jesus Loves Me (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  7. Highs & Lows (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  8. P E A C E (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  9. Days Gone By (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  10. Push/Pull (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  11. How Deep Is the Love? (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  12. Sinking Deep (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  13. First Love (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  14. Heart of God [feat. Chris Tomlin] (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  15. Just Jesus (III Live at Hillsong Conference)
  16. Love Won’t Let Me Down (III Live at Hillsong Conference)

Track Listing (III Studio Sessions):

  1. Let Go
  2. Every Little Thing
  3. Jesus Loves Me
  4. Highs & Lows
  5. P E A C E
  6. Days Gone By
  7. How Deep Is the Love?
  8. First Love
  9. Heart of God

Hillsong Young And Free need no introduction. The youth arm of the megachurch Hillsong, these guys have been churning out albums since 2013. Yet they have all been live at concerts; and just last year the group unveiled III– their first studio album. One of the albums that we as a site unfortunately didn’t have a chance to review last year; this album is one of my regrets of not reviewing in a timely fashion last year. As I’m sure you probably have guessed- this album is 5/5. As the group expertly and professionally blends together EDM and worship brilliantly; the stage is set for us to embark on a beautiful and magical journey for 17 tracks for the studio album, 16 tracks for the live album, and 9 tracks for the acoustic album.

Yes, you heard that right, I am ‘reviewing’ these three projects in the same post, simultaneously. And I use review in quotation marks, because it’s not really a review, but just a few of my ramblings and inner most thoughts. You see, Y&F’s III has been out for so long, I figured that a long-ish review like I normally do isn’t really necessary. Because when you search the internet, you probably would have found every review there ever has been written and though some reviews may be positive and others negative, I reckon almost everyone will agree that this release is definitely the most cohesive that Y&F has ever done. For me, I don’t know why I didn’t listen to this album sooner- and for others who don’t really love Hillsong at all; I’d say that III is the perfect album to be acquainted with these guys. I mean- it’s so popular that these guys released 2 other versions of the album; that must be saying something, right?

With many vocalists seamlessly trading verses and choruses with beautiful harmony and professionalism, you can’t go wrong checking out III. No doubt you would have heard songs like “Let Go”, “Love Won’t Let Me Down” and “Peace”; yet for me to declare that these already near-flawless songs aren’t even any of my most favourite tracks of the album, means that III is crazily awesome. So check out the album of more than 9 months of age. But also check out the other two albums as well (live and acoustic)- they complement this release perfectly and add extra depth. So now that we got my ‘mini-review’ out of the way, I’ll leave you guys to listen to probably my most favourite album of last year. Whatever your thoughts are on Hillsong the church, you gotta admit their music is out of this world- and Y&F has released their best album yet! Is their best yet to come? I don’t know how they can top this Herculean effort, but I reckon they can. Until they do though, III will be on my playlist for a long time yet, and it should be on yours too!

5 songs to listen to: Every Little Thing, First Love, Highs and Lows, Heart Of God, How Deep Is The Love

Score: 5/5

RIYL: TobyMac, Hillsong UNITED, All Sons And Daughters, Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North

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