Hannah Ellis – Country Can (Single)

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Release Date: August 12th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Hannah Ellis– Country Can (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Country Can

Ever since 2019 when my brother Jon and I branched out into different types of music (because of this blog series about influential artists); I’ve been always on the lookout for new music. The ongoing blog series has pushed me out of my comfort zone musically; but more than that, it’s made me realise that I’m really limiting what kind of music speaks to my soul and my spirit if I just listen to CCM. But these days, I listen to all kinds of music (aside from the metal genre, and most mainstream rap!), and I have many playlists on Spotify- some curated by Spotify and some created by myself. Anyway, it was through one of these playlists that I found out about rising country singer Hannah Ellis– it was through her latest song “Country Can”. And though her discography isn’t the biggest (Hannah has unveiled a debut EP in 2017, as well as a slew of standalone country singles!); what Hannah lacks in number of songs is what she makes up for in her passion and her big heart. Vocally, Hannah is incredibly impressive, and a joy to listen to; and though there hasn’t been a full-length debut album from Hannah as of yet; I truly believe that she will be one of the biggest stars within the next few months and years- within the country music scene and also beyond that as well, along with fellow country star Rachel Wammack.

We were talking about country music and what it means to everyone. I didn’t feel like I had that anthem yet. I didn’t have that thing that brought all country music lovers together. We’re sittin’ on the back porch drinking rosé and we were like, ‘Okay what is it that country music really does? It brings people together from across the world, it makes new friends at concerts,’ and ‘Country Can’ was born.

Country music is a life force that connects generations across time and space. It celebrates the highest of highs, and is always there as a friend during the lowest of lows

My goal has always been this: I want to write a record that girls can put on their makeup too. That’s always my favorite country, female specifically, records to listen to is stuff that kind of takes me on a journey for that hour of me getting ready and doing my hair. So, I want to write something that kind of takes you on a journey, but also, that when the record is done, you feel like a friend to me. You feel like you really know me and that somehow, you feel known a little more yourself.

I first heard of Hannah Ellis when she sung with for KING & COUNTRY on a country version of their song “Together”. She also sung with Stars Go Dim on the holiday-themed track “Home”. And so I’ve heard of her somewhat. But “Country Can”, a powerful, moving, vulnerable and authentic melody, is my first song I’ve heard from Hannah from start to finish. And boy am I impressed. With Hannah paying homage and a tribute to country music in general and the fact that country music gifts us so many complex stories and so many real, human, emotions; she skilfully and fervently presents us with a heartfelt melody deserving of many listens. As Hannah eloquently relays to us that ‘…country can, country can get a cold one in my hand, make these old boots wanna dance with somebody, make my two lane, four wheels roll down a winding back road, nothing turns my radio to gold like country can, nothing makes you fall in love underneath back forty stars, nothing makes you wanna cry like a heart broke steel guitar, nothing helps you find the words you wanna say when you can’t, nothing gets you back home like country can…’, we are transported to those tightly-knit small towns, and we are presented with a melody about the benefits of country music. But in essence, it’s a melody confirming the stereotypes that country music does have its place in society, because this song alone is evidence enough that country music stirs the soul and soothes the spirit more than any other genre on earth.

Hannah Ellis is a rising star and an artist that will undoubtedly be on everyone’s lips within the coming weeks, months, and years. There’s nothing much more I need to say about Hannah… because you all should listen to this beautiful, emotional, and personable country ballad… and then her entire discography. I may have heard about Hannah’s music from for KING & COUNTRY and Stars Go Dim. But Hannah is a bonafide burgeoning artist and one to definitely look out for in the future. Well done Hannah for this comforting, powerful and impacting track, guaranteed to gift us solace, peace, and a sense of belonging! I can’t wait to hear what’s next in store for you in the future!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Carly Pearce, Rachel Wammack, Lainey Wilson, Julia Michaels, for KING & COUNTRY, Tori Kelly

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