For All Seasons – Light & Momentary (Single)

Centricity Music

Release Date: February 22nd 2019

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

For All SeasonsLight & Momentary (Single) (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Light & Momentary

For All Seasons has probably been one of my favourite new-ish artists that have been in and around CCM over the last few years or so. Ever since they signed to Centricity Music (arguably one of the most underrated labels, housing artists like Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, Lauren Daigle, Jordan Feliz, Unspoken and Plumb, to name a few), this relatively new trio from California unveiled to us an EP titled Clarity in early 2018. While the EP itself was a little on the shorter side, the collection of songs was in fact one of my favourite EP’s of that particular year. While at face value the band may seem like any other worship movement that is popular at the moment (think Jesus Culture meets Desperation Band meets Hillsong and you can probably guess what the band sound like), For All Seasons nevertheless deliver songs full of enthusiasm and passion- the band continued to assert their prominence in today’s CCM/worship music scene with their most recent EP Clarity alongside their standout songs featured in the EP, ‘No Other’, ‘Bigger Than’ and ‘Higher’. The beginning of 2019 saw another unveiling, this time a single ‘Every Good Thing’. Under a model that saw the band partner up with patreon to release one song per month, eventually cataloguing into a sophomore album release at the end of 2019; ‘Every Good Thing’ was the first song release from the band that was the start of this one-song-a-month journey. The January song, ‘Every Good Thing’, was everything we can hope for from a For All Seasons song, and more. With a strong percussion undertone, lead singer Emily Hamilton’s powerful voice asserts the fact that ‘…every good thing comes from You…’, with the message of the song being very similar to that of The Afters (the song of the same name released in 2013).

And now here we are at the end of February 2019, and with another release from For All Seasons. This time, the band are in a month, rather than one of seeing (as referenced in an Instagram post regarding the story behind ‘Every Good Thing’), it is one of waiting. And the song title is called ‘Light and Momentary’. Fitting title it is- based upon 2 Corinthians 4, where Paul reminds us that though we may have present weakness, that doesn’t compare and ought not take away from the expectation and anticipation of the future glory of Christ set before us; ‘Light and Momentary’ allows Emily’s vocals to powerfully shine, reminding me so much of how Emily is one of the most underrated vocalists within CCM at the moment. Full of power and heart, life and fervent enthusiasm; this is arguably one of the standout songs in this month as a whole- if the rest of these songs are anything like both ‘Every Good Thing’ and ‘Light and Momentary’, then this new album by the trio is sure to be one of inspiration, and possibly a standout album amongst albums released in 2019! And so let me finish with a story-behind-the-song by the band, cause who can write it better than the band themselves? And so, what are we waiting for? Listen to this song, then the rest of their discography. For All Seasons are a great band to keep an eye out for, and who knows, maybe after the year is over, this album can be within my top 10 for 2019!

‘…As the juxtaposing season to SEEING [in January], we’ll be unpacking what it means to walk through a season of WAITING [in February]. In seasons of “waiting,” we’re longing for answers and they don’t come. We are asking for God to change our circumstance, but He doesn’t. Lost in the unknown, the uncertainty, haziness, confusion… it feels as though we’re waiting on God to deliver us and for Him to intervene and change things. In seasons of waiting, we are asking God for help, but it seems like His answer is “not yet.” Our new song, based around this season, is called Light & Momentary…this can be a difficult season to walk through and come to terms with, but as we’ll learn together this month, we believe it has so much to do with perspective. So, we hope you’ll join us for this next month of learning from God’s word & each other, how we honor God in seasons of waiting…’

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Addison Road, Aaron Shust, Love & The Outcome, Pat Barrett, I AM THEY

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