Finding Favour – It Is Well (Single)

Gotee Records

Release Date: June 2nd 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Finding Favour– It Is Well (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. It Is Well

Around 4 years ago, we were treated to TobyMac endorsing what is now one of today’s most popular CCM bands. Finding Favour is making a name for themselves in a big way. Having released their self-titled EP digitally in March 2013 and the physical copy in May 2013, followed by their first full length debut album Reborn in June 2015; this week the brand new single “It Is Well” drops. No, it is not the hymn of the same name, yet the melody does share some of the same themes. But if you are not familiar with Finding Favour, then surely Toby’s outright praise for the band will pique your interest. If not, then perhaps the lead singer Blake NeeSmith reminding us all of Jason Barton of 33Miles vocally with his distinct and powerful vocals, can move you to check out the band’s discography… Whatever the case, Finding Favour is one band you should definitely listen to, and “It Is Well” is the best place to start in my opinion (followed by Reborn with the hit singles “Cast My Cares”, “Refuge” and “Feels Like The First Time”). With Finding Favour having previous recorded power ballads, pop/dance anthems as well as country influenced tracks; “It Is Well” piqued my interest, and hopefully will yours as well.

Written by Blake NeeSmith, Sam Tinnesz and Casey Brown, “It Is Well” opens with strong keys and a stirring electric guitar riff, as Blake ardently declares that no matter what happens in our lives, even in the darkest of times, that it is well. Now let’s just stop, take in that statement and dwell on it, chew on it. Yep that statement is pretty heavy. At all times it is well? Did we just hear that being implied? But surely, all isn’t well during the times when we are struggling in our lives, right? Nope, according to Finding Favour, and I agree with them as well, our lives are well all the time! Through the good times and the bad times. As Blake fervently recounts that ‘…in the fire and the flames, in my pain, You are with me, this is not the end, You’re not finished yet, You’re still moving, no matter what I’ve lost, or what it costs, my heart will sing …’, we are indeed encouraged to hold our head up high, and remember that God is with us no matter what. The Author and Perfector of our faith is in our corner at all times so what do we have to fear? One of my favourite songs of 2017, Finding Favour have done it again, and created an anthem for the ages!

As like the debut EP and the debut full length album, TobyMac has got it right- Finding Favour is a band to watch out for, judging from “It Is Well” and “It Is Well” alone. Blake’s vocals are sublime, and the rest of the band feed off the enthusiasm and positive energy of each other. In my mind, Gotee Records, the home of artists such as Hollyn, Capital Kings and Ryan Stevenson definitely signed a keeper. The band will definitely be big in the next few years, and I will keep my eyes and ears open to hear what they’ve got next in the pipeline. Well done guys, you deserve the acclaim!

3 songs to listen to: It is Well…3 or more times, until we fully understand that only Jesus makes us well in our soul!

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Crowder, 33 Miles, Josh Wilson, Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North, Unspoken

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