Emma Mullings- Here and Now


Release Date: January 16th 2018

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Emma MullingsHere and Now (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Here and Now

Emma Mullings. Maybe you haven’t heard her before. Maybe you have. When you hear her on the radio, you would think you heard her before, even if you haven’t. Because of her similar sound to artists like Alabaster Box, UNITED, and local Aussie indie artist Merise, and even to some extent Brooke Fraser; Emma’s heart to deliver music that uplifts and encourages is what made her debut EP Skinny Roads a success in Australia. Released at the end of 2016, Emma delivered an EP full of hope, life, encouragement and emotion, and since hearing the EP, I asserted that Emma was, in my opinion, one of the most unique and passionate Australian voices I’ve heard ever since Dami Im and her introduction to music way back in 2012. While Emma isn’t well known at all, her passion in her songs is undeniable, as is her love for delivering music with a message of positivity and hope in a world where hope is desperately needed. In her mid-30s, a mum of 2 as well as previously being a morning radio host on Hope 103.2, along with being a church planter in the future (as both herself and her husband venture to build a church in Miami, Florida in the near future!); Emma’s music is nothing short of being a miracle in and of itself. And now a year and a bit after her relatively successful EP, we see another glimpse of new music in a new song, ‘Here and Now’!

Recently discussing her track in a phone interview with the Hope 103.2 Brekky Team not too long ago, Emma recently reminded us all that her new electronically pop song ‘Here and Now’ tells an autobiographical account of how she came to Christ and what it really meant for her when Christ came to meet her ‘here and now’. As Emma puts it into her own words, …it tells a story that very much reflects my own: a story of someone completely lost and broken, and needing Jesus, and Him coming and invading their world right here, right now. That was very much my story at 23 years old, meeting God for the first time, and Him just coming right into my mess. I didn’t have to get it all together to come to Him. He just came and invaded and changed my world, and it’s been amazing ever since…’ While the song itself is a tad short at just under three minutes (for me personally, I enjoy songs that are long (just not long like Jesus Culture tracks!), we cannot deny the passion and heart that the song itself possesses. While at times the track can get a little bit electronic for my own liking, I do applaud Emma for delving into a genre that is perhaps out-of-the-box for her, compared to much of her musical style on Skinny Roads EP. Nevertheless, ‘Here and Now’ is a song that is very much catchy as it is needed in the society we are in. We ought to be reminded that God will meet us here and now, that we don’t have to do anything for Him to invade our space- He just does.

So that’s it. ‘Here and Now’. Standing at 2:58. An electronic pop track that speak about things much more relevant and heartfelt as opposed to what is on mainstream radio at the moment. As Emma reminds us of what she hopes we as listeners can get out of the track as a whole, ‘…my prayer always is that it just reminds people that there is a ‘problem-solver’ around, and gets their eyes off the problem that is going on in their world. If you’ve heard any of my other tunes you’ll know that I like to write songs that get stuck in your head, that you’ll hear on the radio, but that always have a message, that remind you that God is real, and he is here and is for you…’ And so ‘Here and Now’ does just that. It is catchy and super-easy to remember, even after only hearing the track once. The song, and Emma’s music overall, is for anyone who enjoys Australian music a la UNITED or Alabaster Box, anyone who enjoys music with an independent slant, or both. Emma may not be well known, but her music I’m sure will encourage and reach whomever hears around the world. Australians have had success in Christian music in the past, from the Newsboys, Peter Furler, for KING AND COUNTRY and Rebecca St. James, as well as Hillsong, Planetshakers and UNITED to name a few. Maybe Emma Mullings can follow suit, you never know! Congrats to Emma for such a powerful track, one that has continued to climb the Australian Christian Radio charts. Can’t wait til America embraces one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Hoping the church plant in Miami is a success, looking forward to new music in the upcoming year ahead!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Britt Nicole, Merise, UNITED, Bel Thomson, Alabaster Box

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