Elias Dummer – Echoing Holy (Single)

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Release Date: May 8th 2020

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Elias Dummer– Echoing Holy (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Echoing Holy

Do you often have this sense that you never really knew or listened to an artist or a band until they broke up or stepped away from music… and then you found out that they were actually pretty good when you rediscovered them when they stepped back into music? That’s how I feel with The City Harmonic and lead singer and now solo artist Elias Dummer. With the Canadian CCM/alternative rock group releasing a slew of smash hit singles as well as a number of pretty impressive albums all throughout the early-mid 2010’s (you can view their discography here!), these guys definitely slipped under the radar for me while they were active. Even after the group had long since split and Elias had released a solo album called The Work Vol. 1; I still hardly took notice. Sure we reviewed this album for our site, as well as The City Harmonic’s farewell live project… but that was Jon, and I myself didn’t really have an active inkling to listen to Elias’s solo music. Sure I’ve heard inspiring and powerful songs like “Mountaintop”, “It Feels Like Home”, “Manifesto”, “Holy (Wedding Day)”, “Honestly”, “A City On A Hill” and “Praise The Lord”, and sure perhaps “Enough” resonated with me to a certain extent… but it’s only this year that I have been actively listening to Elias Dummer’s solo material and revisiting some gems from this underappreciated Canadian group. Since I saw Elias’ new music video for “Good”, let’s just say that I was hooked.

“Good” is an unreleased track off Elias’ upcoming new project The Rest Vol. 1, which is fitting as right now we’re all at home trying to rest during this quarantine. Yet as much as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to “Good” and being ministered through those inspiring lyrics; let me first direct your attention to the new album’s first official single “Echoing Holy”. A pop/rock/worship/soul/gospel hybrid that works musically in every way, Elias should definitely be proud of this effort, as we are blessed to hear a worship song at it’s most vulnerable and personal. With Elias eloquently relaying to us that with Jesus’ words and at His commands ‘…heaven and earth collide, the choir of creation It bursts to life, echoing angels as every tongue and every tribe sing “holy, holy, holy”…’; we are presented with a track that would fit right at home on any Sunday morning church setlist. So while we wait in eager anticipation for what Elias will deliver to us with The Rest Vol. 1; let us until that time marvel at his songwriting ability and worship leading ability- in both “Echoing Holy” and “Good”. And…let me tell you guys- The City Harmonic is actually a good worship band, and they’re heaps underrated. More than enough reason to check out their music! Pronto!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: needtobreathe, Rhett Walker Band, All Sons and Daughters, The City Harmonic

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