Dianne Michelle – Let It Be Evident (Single)


Release Date: February 8th 2019

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Dianne Michelle– Let It Be Evident (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Let It Be Evident

A couple of years ago, new worship artist Dianne Michelle was signed to BEC Recordings, and released her debut single- the worship anthem “I Am Healed”. Moderately successful; “I Am Healed” was expected to be the lead single of an unnamed full-length album from Dianne in 2017, or early 2018. However, the months rolled on, and there was radio silence. Not a single social media post, and I figured that Dianne was dropped from the label for an unspecified reason, or left of her own accord, or changed careers… And here we are again this year, with a new single from Dianne. “Let It Be Evident” lasts for just over 6 minutes; and is a welcome melody for those who have been wondering where Dianne has been. I’m not sure what has occurred between the releases of both singles, however Dianne has delivered a winner here; in my honest opinion.

Heartfelt, emotional, honest and deeply reflective in nature, “Let It Be Evident” plays out like a Passion-style anthem, as we are presented with a personal melody, where Dianne ardently relays to us that because of Jesus in our lives, it should be evident to others that we are believers by our actions and the words we say. A hopeful prayer that basically asks God to ensure that there is an obvious change in our lives displayed for the world to see that does reflect our security and salvation in Jesus; the confronting and comforting track is also an eye opener, as we examine ourselves, and ask the question as to if we’ve been living our life with Jesus at the centre or not. How can others see the change in us if we don’t live it out nor believe it ourselves?

We may not know why Dianne Michelle left BEC Recordings, however “Let It Be Evident” shows us that she’s still hungry for Jesus, and still has the passion for music in general. While we may not know if this track will eventuate into a debut album or not; we mustn’t count our chickens before they hatch. We can’t assume that an album will arise from this compelling and inspiring single- so let us just sit back and bask in the glory and wonder of Jesus displayed through this song. A standout worship song in 2019 thus far; well done Dianne, and I can’t wait for what God has in store for you in the future!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Natalie Grant, Meredith Andrews, Leeland, Brian & Jenn Johnson, Planetshakers, Hillsong UNITED

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