FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: WEEK 35 (The Same Love by Paul Baloche; and Lifesong by Casting Crowns)- Before we really love others, we must first love ourselves, and accept that we are loved by our Lord and Saviour!

It’s been about a year since I blogged about Valentines Day in last year’s Flashback Fridays’ post (the post about the album Jesus Freak from dc Talk)- and today when I was pondering deep and meaningful topics to talk about in today’s blog instalment; it suddenly hit me. That the notion of me still being single, of me not having a girlfriend and no closer to having a spouse than a year ago; didn’t worry me as much as I thought it did or should’ve…well that fact did scare me. Why wasn’t I worried about my future love life or lack thereof- and why did I feel a tad more complacent about this issue than previous years or months ago?

Over the years’ I’ve seen people give each other extravagant gifts and go a bit over the top for Valentines Day (either on TV or at the shopping centre in our store), and I’ve thought really hard about this whole purpose of the day in general. I mean, it’s one day of the year, and while it’s showing others that you love them, which is as admirable a cause as any- I reckon Valentine’s Day is a bit commercialised don’t you think? Every day around the world, Hollywood finds a way for couples to break up- and high-profile ones at that…and that’s even with those celebrities also going all out for Valentine’s Day. So is this holiday even needed if we’re all so failures at the concept of love in general? Perhaps Valentines Day is so, so publicised and so, so big to compensate with our own inadequacies and insecurities about whether we deserve true love or not- but whatever the case; it is my belief that I’ve come to over the past day or so, that we can only truly, really love someone, once we are fully immersed in the knowledge that we are unconditionally loved by Jesus Christ- the One who died for us way back all those years ago. Loving others also means loving ourselves- and that is an ongoing process given that at times we can be more harsh on our own faults than others would be.

We’d like to think that we’re a very loving bunch, but deep down in all of us, we have prejudices. We ‘hate’ others because of our own reasons, and sometimes we turn a blind eye to the needy and the homeless on the street- because of our inability to love ourselves and accept the Love of Jesus; we can in turn feel indifferent to those that are unlike us. ‘Why should I love him, God- he’s like ___’, is what one could say to God- one whom hasn’t fully understood that Jesus even died for those who didn’t love Him, and probably never will. Unconditional love is doing things out of devotion and gratitude but also never expecting anything in return. It’s a concept that some of us are unfamiliar with, but I reckon this Valentine’s Day, in order for us to truly love our significant other (if we have one) or even our friends and family; we must first grasp the love Christ feels for us- so much so that He gave up His life on the cross so that we may live- and then extend that same love onto others, as well as ourselves.

These days, romantic chick flicks are the latest craze when Valentines Day is marketed. However I reckon one of the best things to do in this season, while the world says to spoil your loved one and to bask in the moment; is, yes, do those things, but also dwell upon the veer lasting love Jesus has for us, and remember that the same love that died on the cross for us and rose from the grave, is living in us now. If we treat others, including our loved ones, and the least of these, with the unending love of Jesus; the I reckon all will be well. And for the single people (and I’m talking to myself here as well!), once we understand Jesus’ sacrifice and love too, then the right significant other will be revealed to us. All in God’s timing, and not a moment earlier- which is kind of why I’m not too concerned about my lack of a love life- I know God has it all in control. So as I leave you all with some hefty thoughts to ponder, let us all listen to a couple of my all time favourite worship albums. Paul Baloche’s The Same Love is essentially about Jesus’ love for us and how it shapes and moulds our lives; and Casting Crowns’ Lifesong is like a love song sung to God, and delves into Jesus love for us like how He loved the prodigal son. So let us worship the One True Love and thank Him for loving us even when we are at our worst.

Is there a person that we love, whom we could love better if we loved them like Jesus did? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time guys!

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