Delta Goodrem – Back To Your Heart (Single)

ATLED Records

Release Date: August 4th 2023

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Delta GoodremBack To Your Heart (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Back To Your Heart

Delta Goodrem is synonymous with Australian music in the modern era (post-2000). She’s been in the music industry for more than 20 years (she unveiled her first studio album Innocent Eyes way back in 2003 when she was 18), and she’s actually becoming one of my favourite Australian artists…ever. She’s been entrenched in Australian culture for ages, her impact and influence on Australian music is huge, and as I’ve been listening to her music throughout the years (more so on a regular basis ever since her 2016 album Wings of the World); I’ve been noticing this one thing- that God doesn’t really care what type of music He uses for people to understand more about themselves and more about Himself in the process- if He chooses to convey His love for creation through a Skillet song, a Chris Tomlin song or even a Delta Goodrem song, then who are we, mere humans, to question anything that He does? Delta’s music has been encouraging, impactful, and dare I say, God-breathed at times- her songs like ‘Born to Try’, ‘Believe Again’, ‘In this Life’, ‘Enough’, ‘Sitting on Top of the World’, ‘Mistaken Identity’, ‘Together We are One’, and more recently, songs like ‘Keep Climbing’, ‘Paralysed’, ‘The Power’ and ‘Play’; are all testaments of the inspirational influence that Delta has in her music, even possibly without knowing it herself. As I’ve continued to embark along the road of understanding that ‘mainstream’ music isn’t as ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ as I was even led to believe, I find myself being more open to whatever the Lord has in store for me- be it a worship song, a hard rock song, or even a song from an Aussie artist, that can deliver similar punches and remind us all of our desperate need for something bigger than ourselves to sustain us in this life that we lead.

Enter in Delta Goodrem, who I can boldly say I am a fan of. Her new album Bridge Over Troubled Dreams released May 14th 2021 (the review of it can be viewed here); and predating the album release, Delta unveiled to us 5 pre-release tracks- ‘Keep Climbing’, ‘Paralyzed’ and ‘Solid Gold’ all released in 2020, and ‘Billionaire’ and ‘All of My Friends’ came out earlier in 2021. And as I have said time and time again these past few years, I’ve come to realise, that if we limit the music in which we believe God can speak to us through, then we really don’t know God and what He really can do…I know, controversial to some, but it’s the truth. And I’m understanding more and more each day, that the God who raised Jesus from the grave, is the same God who can speak through a music genre, or a music style, that may be different from what we as Christians are used and accustomed to. And maybe, just maybe, that’s ok.

For songs can bear the message and meaning of one thing, and when someone hears it, they can attach their own personal meaning to it too. Which is the beauty of why music is such a universal language and a great avenue and vessel to be used by the Lord to speak to people in various different walks of life. Bridge Over Troubled Dreams released in 2021 to much success and critical acclaim. Fast-forward a couple of years, and Delta has again released new music, also to anticipation, expectation and excitement- her first on her newly created independent label ATLED Records (Delta’s name spelt backward), ‘Back To Your Heart’.

‘…I knew I wanted the new record [the forthcoming new album] to be filled with songs that the crowd can sing back to me, and dance away the night to. “Back to Your Heart” is the first song that I wanted to share off this exciting new era of music together. The song is about letting go of your worries and fears that are in your head, and remembering to get back to what you love and lead with your heart. It’s anthemic, epic pop. It’s all about living in the here and now, and that feels liberating…’ Delta’s new song is indeed 1980s inspired, and it is indeed a great ‘BOP’ and a ‘banger’ (as per what Generation Z would say about a song, these days), if ever there was one. Standing at a super-short 3:16, what it ‘lacks’ in terms of song length, it makes up for in terms of heart, emotion, enthusiasm and passion, and a message that encourages us to get back to the crux of our emotions, and to not always be up in our heads all the time in this life. Sometimes we as humans can often overcomplicate things- we overanalyse things to the enth degree, we formulate scenarios, conjure up situations and circumstances in our head, and then at the end of the day, be too afraid to do anything, because of what might happen. The song longs for us to ‘get out of our heads’- to get out of our own way in a brutal and blunt way, because sometimes, the people who are often in the way of us living our best life and living to our full potential is…well, us ourselves. We find a million ways not to do something, and then when we undertake said thing, we find out how unafraid we should’ve been. ‘Back to Your Heart’ wants us all to go back to our hearts, finding hope, solace, meaning, passion and purpose in our friends, family and relationships, rather than anything else that may pique our interest.

Delta’s music still has relevance for people today, even though her most chart-topping album is still her debut in 2003. Delta’s music is a joy to listen to, ‘Back to Your Heart’ inclusive, and is a must-listen, if you have been a fan of Delta’s music in the past, or even other artists like Tina Arena, Vanessa Amorosi or Guy Sebastian. If the next new songs from Delta that unveil and release in the near future (later this year) is anything like this new song, then her new album would be surely one to be quietly excited for. Well done Delta for such a compelling new track. Looking forward to the new album, whenever that arises in the future.

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Vanessa Amorosi, Tina Arena, Samantha Jade, Guy Sebastian, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Jessica Mauboy

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