Christy Nockels – Build My Life

Keepers Branch Records/The Fuel Music

Release Date: August 18th 2017

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Christy NockelsBuild My Life (Single) (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Build My Life

‘Build My Life’ is going to be a song that will spread over the globe. Since I heard the song on the latest Passion album Worthy of Your Name (and only recently discovering that the song was initially recorded and placed on the latest Housefires III album released in 2016), I have recently heard the song on repeat in preparation for this review…and boy was I amazed at how anthemic and powerful the track is. How firmly rooted in Scripture the song is, and how we are in a moment of realisation and revelation as the song progresses. Recorded recently in the studio by worship artist (and fellow worship leader at Passion Conferences, Christy Nockels) and released as her first single that is from her yet to be determined album coming later on this year (or is it early next year), we have been blessed to hear a song that I reckon could take off in 2017/18, and become either the next ‘What a Beautiful Name’, ‘Good, Good Father’, ‘Lion and the Lamb’, ‘Great Are You Lord’ or ‘No Longer Slaves’ as the year progresses. Written by Pat Barrett (co-writer of ‘Good, Good Father’), Matt Redman and Brett Younker (who has recently come into the Passion team), Christy’s rendition of a track that I reckon will be a favourite at churches around the world, is what has continually me asserting her to be one of my favourite and enthusiastic female worship artists I’ve heard, ever!

‘…‘Build My Life’ has become more than just a song I want to sing, but a theme that I want to ring true in my life. He is the name above every other name, and He is worthy of turning over the trajectory of my life to Him. Phil 2 says, “Therefore God exalted Himself to the name that is above every other name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth, and under the earth.” I hope this song opens your eyes to the wonder and awe of Jesus. I am so excited about this song, but equally excited about what is coming. This next record, dare I say, might be my favourite record I’ve ever made, and I am looking forward to over the coming weeks being able to tell you all about it!…’ Since starting her solo career, Christy has released album after album full of powerful songs for the church- 2009 showed us Life Light Up, one of my personal favourite worship albums of that year, with songs like ‘No Not One’ co-written with Brandon Heath, “Life Light Up”, “A Mighty Fortress” and the Brooke Fraser written “Hosanna” showcasing some of the highlights on such an album like this. In 2012 she unveiled to us another project in Into the Glorious with smash hits and favourites inclusive of “Everlifting”, “Sing Along”, “Waiting Here For You” and “Healing Is In Your Hands”. And while I myself haven’t really listened to fully her live album Let it Be Jesus (of which I need to quick start), I know regardless that whatever Christy releases will be full of hope and inspiration, and this is nothing less of ‘Build My Life’ as well. Unveiled as a pre-cursor of what to expect on her forthcoming album (whenever that may be), this 5:31 track is full of moments of awe and wonder, as the aforementioned quote by Christy invites us all to partake in. ‘Build My Life’ presents this message- that as Christians, we ought to build my life upon the rock that never fails, and it ought not be a chore or duty, but rather out of our love for Him and understanding fully what He has done for us, our own natural response is to place everything we have, be it hopes, dreams, failure, uncertainties, everything on Him and rely on Him only for our source of hope, comfort, assurance and understanding. God is above anything and anyone, but is also intimate with each of us as well. That revelation ought to stir us up to praise Him all the more!

Worthy of every song we could ever sing, worthy of all the praise we could ever bring
Worthy of every breath we could ever breathe, we live for you
Holy, there is no one like You, there is none beside you
Open up my eyes in wonder
Show me who you are and fill me with your heart and
Lead me in your love to those around me

What such powerful words full of biblical truth and passion. As Christy litters the track full of banjos, light acoustic guitars and a whole lot of percussion, ‘Build My Life’ is a song from left field, fast becoming one of my favourite songs of the year. One of my favourite worship songs of 2017, even rivalling that of ‘Death Was Arrested’ (North Point InsideOut), ‘Never Let Me Fall’ (Cimorelli) and ‘Honestly’ (The City Harmonic)? Maybe, quite possibly. Her new song has taken me by surprise and has exceeded all of the bars that were set by her first two albums (now off to listen to Let it be Jesus after this!)- which were pretty high. With a powerful voice that places her within the same realm as other worship artists of this generation, like Meredith Andrews, Audrey Assad, Amanda Cook and Kari Jobe; ‘Build My Life’ continues to be a powerful hit for Christy as she releases her new album later at an undisclosed date. But who am I to know? I’m just a reviewer. Hear the song, at least just once. Get lost in the worship that surrounds such a track as this. Enjoy the moment where we realise that God is our only source of satisfaction and comfort. Bask in the moment where we just abandon every worry and trouble and just freely worship. Just enjoy the song, period. And then become excited for whatever Christy has planned next. You know I will be doing exactly that as well! Well done Christy for ‘Build My Life’, can’t wait to the forthcoming album drops in the future!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Crowder, Melodie Malone, Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Jimi Cravity

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