Cheat Codes & Russell Dickerson – I Remember (Single)

Cheat Codes LLC

Release Date: August 26th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Cheat Codes & Russell Dickerson– I Remember (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. I Remember

I don’t know why they’re the ‘in’ thing these days… but record producers/DJ’s/remixers are in fact the ‘in’ thing. Marshmello would have to be the most popular of the lot, but Kygo, The Chainsmokers, Clean Bandit, Galantis and Rudimental, would have to be incredibly close behind. Enter in Cheat Codes, who have also been in the game a long-ish time. Now to be fair, I’m not a fan of these types of artists, and I’ve only heard about this group through their collaborations with Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Little Big Town, and Lindsay Ell. I was indifferent when I heard about their new song “I Remember” this year. But… since the collaboration was with pop/country start Russell Dickerson (and I previously reviewed Russell’s album, and rated it pretty well, while I also enjoyed Russell’s songs with Chris Tomlin in the album Chris Tomlin & Friends!), I thought I better give these guys a chance. Especially since they announced a country album a few months ago. And… I really wish I hadn’t.

If you’re expecting me to say that through this song, I found enlightenment or I found out the reason why so many of today’s generation are enamoured and obsessed with these kinds of artists… then you’d be sorely mistaken, and this isn’t the review you need to be reading. Cheat Codes are just like any other DJ/remixer, and though Russell tries hard here, it isn’t enough to redeem this trainwreck of a ‘song’. It’s catchy and somewhat ok, so at least the track has that going for it. But it’s still instantly forgettable… and this group is just one of the many remixers in this crowded pop scene. Lyrically, the melody of “I Remember” has Russell reminiscing on a summer romance, a fling or a one-night stand. It’s not deep at all… and I reckon it doesn’t deserve any repeat listens. As a lead single… it’s pretty poor.

I still don’t understand record producers/DJ’s/remixers and why they are so popular. I will give their upcoming country album a chance though (because of the star-studded line-up that these guys are collaborating with!), but this song is incredibly underwhelming, considering Russell is usually a reliable country star. I hope that Cheat Codes don’t ruin these artists’ careers… and I do want to give them the benefit of the doubt. But if you really want to listen to a bonafide country song, then this isn’t the one. Try any one of the other country songs in any of the country albums we’ve reviewed on our site instead. Better yet, try “Wait In The Truck” by Hardy and Lainey Wilson. Now that track is amazing!

Score: 1/5

RIYL: Kygo, Brett Young, Brett Eldredge, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, Kane Brown, Lauren Alaina, Lindsay Ell, Rudimental

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