Bonray – Find A Way (Single)

Provident Label Group

Release Date: May 3rd 2019

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Bonray– Find A Way (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Find A Way

A pre-cursor to probably a full-length debut from Bonray this year sometime (although I did say that last year, which never eventuated, “love u forever” is well meaning, is catchy, but isn’t long lasting. Sure, it’ll bring radio airplay and new heights for the band- but if you’re looking for substance. I recommend “Inside Out” over this track any day of the week! With the quartet extremely busy from touring and writing in the studio; I reckon an album is coming in the near future! But until then, you can listen to this song again if it grabbed your attention. I won’t though, and I’ll be putting “Inside Out” on repeat instead. To each their own favourites then- and until next time, let us overall marvel at how young these guys are, yet how accomplished Bonray is as a band- singing-wise and songwriting-wise.

Bonray have recorded several hits and misses in their short but punchy musical career. A sibling band that has shown us time and time again why sibling bands stay together (‘…the members share a closeness and a bond that other bands don’t have, and that’s what probably makes sibling bands stay together longer than other bands…’) as they create exquisite and beautiful music; we have also witnessed the sameness of a few tracks such as “love u forever” and several re-released tracks on their debut EP. So how does “Find A Way” rate? Well it’s a bit of a step up from “love u forever” but not my much. The passion and the enthusiasm are both there, and there’s no denying the truth in the lyrics. Yet musically there’s probably an overreliance on electronics and autotune. Lyrically simple, the song is catchy, but by no means memorable. As after I have listened to this song, it’s unfortunate to say that I found myself forgetting how it went- which is bad. It’s a shame, cause Zac, Jesse, Jake and Morgan are quality singers and songwriters- maybe the ‘right’ song hasn’t come yet, to light up our radios and our iTunes playlist. Will they ever do a song like “Reckless Love” or “You Say”, which stretches beyond the music markets originally planned for the song? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless I reckon “Find A Way”, though enjoyable, resides in the category of ‘ho-hum’, and I’ll still be patiently waiting for Bonray to wow me like no other. I know they have it in them. It’s just a matter of time I guess.

Score: 3/5

RIYL: for KING & COUNTRY, Castro, Cimorelli, BarlowGirl, needtobreathe, The Band Perry, OBB, Switchfoot

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