Apollo LTD – NOW! (Single)

Centricity Music

Release Date: May 15th 2020

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Apollo LTD– NOW! (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. NOW!

Apollo LTD, comprising of Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, are one of the latest band to sign to Centricity Music recently; and for me personally are also the latest artist to release a debut album recently that has truly grabbed me from the word ‘go’. That’s not to say that other artists who released a debut album this past year haven’t wowed me at all (artists like Mallary Hope, Sean Curran, Battledrums, Mac Powell and The Family Reunion and Kalley have all unveiled debut projects that impacted and impressed last year in my opinion); but I guarantee that one listen from the duo will have you agreeing with me- that Jordan and Adam have delivered probably the most ‘complete’ debut album from this past year- a high quality album in Out Of Body full of both soaring ballads and high octane poppy tunes; while also staying relevant lyrically to current issues in today’s society. With the duo meeting in 2004 as roommates in university, the band’s name was derived from NASA (with Jordan’s uncle an astronaut in the 90’s), and the concept of doing something musically that has never quite been done before; Apollo LTD created 13 tracks of pure genius, as they attempted to make sense of the world we live in through the only way they know how- through the power of music.

Initially I thought that Apollo LTD was a one-man band from Josh Engler (frontman of Abandon!)- however I was later on mistaken as I searched online for more about the group. Jordan and Adam are on the contrary quite popular in the mainstream media- as I found out that the band have shared the stage with the likes of high profile mainstream acts such as Panic At The Disco, All American Rejects, Ke$ha, Andy Grammar, John Mayer, and DNCE. With their music also being featured on national ad campaigns for Lowes and Verizon Wireless as well as in TV show Grey’s Anatomy and numerous CW and MTV shows; both members have a strong sense of Christian faith, and they indeed are currently walking the same, or at least similar paths to artists like Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, Skillet, Relient K and Mat Kearney to name a few. The duo recently unveiled their latest single “NOW!” this past month- a poppy but heartfelt 3 minute melody about encouraging us all to live in the moment and slow down from our busy schedules; so let’s dive in to see how the new single release lives up to the duo’s already impressive repertoire and reputation.

Immensely radio friendly and comprising of catchy synth and guitars, “NOW!” is one of my favourite songs of the year, as Adam and Jordan both inspire all of us, alluding to the fact that the moment where we’re supposed to be present in will definitely pass us by if we decide to pack a lot into our day and be busier than we need to be and is healthy for us. I know in my own life that I’m been travelling way, way too fast in terms of what I pack into each day- so if it takes this song for me to realise that God is saying that I need to slow down and just be- to just bask in His presence and take in the moment; well then Apollo LTD need to be congratulated immensely! And as Jordan and Adam passionately reiterate that even if the sun goes down and there are trials, that our life doesn’t end because our heat’s still beating and we’re alive- well if that doesn’t bring us comfort that we’re meant to be living for a greater purpose.. then I don’t know what will!

Originally back in late 2018, “Gold” encouraged me to remember that Jesus makes everything around shine brighter; and has also encouraged me to check out the rest of Apollo LTD’s discography. Now that Out Of Body has released as well as the new singles “You” and “NOW!”, these songs have further cemented my positive stance on the band, and I’m definitely a fan of these guys for sure. While only time will tell what kind of songs Apollo LTD record next on their full length second album; I am very intrigued and quietly excited, and will definitely check out the rest of their discography. So what are you waiting for guys? These guys have your anthems for the whole of 2020 sorted, even if you don’t believe in Jesus yet! So let’s get started, and let us all remember that now is the time to start living as we don’t let our lives pass us by!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: The Afters, OneRepublic, Abandon, Hawk Nelson, Train

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