Anne Wilson – Seventh Of June (Single)

Capitol CMG

Release Date: June 7th 2023

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Anne Wilson– Seventh Of June (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Seventh Of June

If you’re listening to an artist for the first time, trying to figure out their sound and what they’re all about; do you go in with high, low or no expectations? Well, I guess you’d say it depends on whether the artist you’re listening to for the first time, actually is a new artist or is a veteran- and then they’d have a reputation; and you will have a higher expectation than with a completely new artist. Regardless, Anne Wilson (one of the latest signees to Capitol Christian Music Group, and one of the most heartfelt and inspiring artists I’ve heard in a long time!), is sure to have a bright future. Though I did have some expectations of this young woman of God (considering that she has signed to one of CCM’s most reputable record labels); it is her storytelling, her effervescent optimism, her steadfast faith, and her immense love for Jesus that has won me over as a fan! With Anne singing in public in front of a crowd for the first time at her brother’s funeral- and her garnering a record label deal that way when the video went viral (way back in 2017); Anne’s unwavering faith in Jesus is the backbone of her debut album My Jesus.

I myself reviewed her debut single (of the same name!) here; while Jon unveiled his thoughts on Anne’s debut album, with album standouts like the title track, “Sunday Sermons”, “Devil”, “Something About That Name”, “Hey Girl”, “God Thing” and “Mamas” (with Hillary Scott of Lady A). Through these songs, Anne’s joy and overflowing hope is sure to win even the most hardened of sceptics, and even as Anne wears us all down by her joyous demeanour, let us remember that we are watching a star in the making- and someone we all want to root for! We also voiced our opinions this year about Anne’s live EP– a live project in Nashville, not with a crowd but live in a studio, where we were met with a vibrant, emotive, personal and honest batch of songs, where Anne delivers some of her most well-known songs, and a cover of Little Big Town’s “Boondocks”. We also divulged our thoughts about Anne’s latest EP Hey Girl and Anne’s Christmas EP The Manger; and now that you’ve read these reviews, heard Anne’s songs, seen her extremely encouraging testimony… you’re a fan now, right? Anne also unveiled a memoir called My Jesus: From Heartache To Hope in October- and I strongly encourage you all to read the book.

In April this year, Anne unveiled a deluxe edition of her debut album My Jesus, titled My Jesus: Anniversary Deluxe Edition– comprising of 26 tracks and 4 music videos. For long time or avid fans of Anne and her music, this release would be welcomed and probably loved and adored. After all- this is Anne’s debut album, her Hey Girl EP, her live EP, her single “Living Water”, as well as a couple of new tracks in a live version of “My Jesus” and “Still God”- but it’s all packaged together and it’s a timely reminder of Anne’s maturity, her vibrant and refreshing presence in a CCM industry that seems to be stale at times, and it’s a reminder of Anne’s versatility as a singer and as a songwriter. For the casual fan, this release might seem pointless- and though objectively this release may not sound like it’s needed, the fan in me jumps for joy as I’m a fan of Anne and her music! One of my favourite female artists currently, Anne eloquently and powerfully reminds us of the One True King and of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and she also sings about many, many biblical truths. You can read about our thoughts of Anne’s deluxe edition of My Jesus here, but just this past month, Anne has released what is probably her most heartbreaking and harrowing song yet, in the honest ballad “Seventh Of June”.

My older brother, Jacob, my best friend and someone I admired in every way, died in a car accident at 23. God used that season to draw me closer to Him when he passed away. I developed a deep relationship with the Lord that I didn’t have before. I fell in love with Jesus for the first time in my life.

When I lost Jacob, one of my favorite scriptures was Romans 8:28. I know this is painful, and I’m broken-hearted and depressed, but God can work this out for good during the tragedy. As a Christian, life’s not always going to be perfect. We’re going to have trouble. We must keep the promise that He will make a way when there is no way. 

The song “No Place Like Home” is a tribute to my memories with Jacob and is full of hope. However, while writing for my next album, I felt the need to create a song that also acknowledges the sadness of his passing. 

On June 7th, my family and I visit my brother’s gravesite every year. It’s a difficult but necessary reality that we, as a family, face together. During these visits, I talk to my brother and accept that he’s gone. Recently, I collaborated with songwriters Matthew West and Jeff Pardo to write a song about this anniversary. Being on the road and missing essential dates has been challenging, but this song has helped me process my feelings.

God called me to minister to those who’ve lost someone and are hurting. With this song, I want to speak life and joy to people walking through pain and loss.

It’s difficult to share, but I’ve put myself out there and exposed my pain, sadness, and brother’s grave in the music video. However, the song also brings hope to heaven and provides a place for grieving people to process their emotions.

I’m 21, and I’ve already experienced much life. I know that my brother is in heaven. He’s with me every moment, in my joy, pain, and suffering. I hope and pray that you can plug in the date of a loved one passing and use this song to help you heal. Your loved ones are with you, and they are walking with you.

My faith is not going anywhere in the new music. I do this for Jesus, not for any other reason. But I must step into a bigger market to reach the world. It’s the heart of Christian music, the sound of Country, and the hope of Jesus. I hope my work all points back to Him.

Is there anything more to say about Anne Wilson and her burgeoning impact in the CCM industry? This emotional song about Anne’s brother’s passing, is a song that shouldn’t even exist. Because Jacob should be alive right now. While nothing will make him return to the land of the living, this song helps Anne process grief and hurt, and will hopefully help many of us too, in whatever we’re going through. With Anne having already made her stage debut at the Grand Ole Opry in September 2021, having released her book called My Jesus, and also being nominated for a Grammy award this year; I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a the upcoming career of a CCM artist since We The Kingdom and their songs! So drop everything and hear about this young star in the making. Seriously! Go do it. Right now! No other excuses needed! Alright, so what do you think about My Jesus: Anniversary Deluxe Edition and this new single dedicated to Anne’s brother? Well done Anne, I seriously cannot wait to hear what God has in store for you next! Maybe a hymns album or a full-on country album (marketed to the mainstream!) … that’d be cool!

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Zach Williams, Crowder, Third Day, Casting Crowns, Lady A, Carly Pearce

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