Albums Releasing This Week (26th October – 1st November 2014)

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Below is a list of the albums that are releasing/have released this week; which albums are you thinking of listening to and purchasing? Which albums are you going to recommend to others and which would you bypass? Let us know in the comments below.


Andrea Helms – Clap Your Hands (Dream Gospel)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

The-Christmas-EP chris august

Chris August – The Christmas EP (Fervent Records)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.11.16 pm

Chris Tomlin – Love Ran Red (Sixsteps Records)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

becomingwhoweare kings kaleidoscope

Kings Kaleidoscope – Becoming Who We Are (BEC Recordings)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

whatwasdonevol1adecaderevisited classic crime

The Classic Crime – What Was Done, Vol 1: A Decade Revisited

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


Trip Lee – Rise (Reach Records)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

saving-christmas soundtrack

Various Artists – Saving Christmas Soundtrack (Provident Label Group)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

worship central- set apart

Worship Central – Set Apart (Integrity Music)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

4 thoughts on “Albums Releasing This Week (26th October – 1st November 2014)”

  1. I’m definitely getting King’s Kaleidoscope, that’s an amazing album! I’m also looking at the Classic Crime. And even though I’m not the biggest Chris Tomlin fan, I’ll give his newest a listen. Waterfall is actually pretty good.
    God bless guys!

    1. Thanks for commenting Luc!

      Will check out Kings Kaleidoscope, as per your recommendation.

      I definitely recommend Chris Tomlin’s new album- there are some softer ballads, but I guess this is the genre that Chris has been called to, that Chris excels at! Also, I’d suggest Worship Central- they’re a pretty great British worship movement similar to Passion!

      I love Chris August’s humour, especially in his “Cooking With Chris” Videos- and his music is pretty good too, so I will check out his Christmas EP

      And I’m reviewing Andrea Helms’ new album, to be uploaded in a few days!

      1. I keep seeing people talk about King Kaleidoscope and like I did for Selah’s You Amaze Us, I am going to check their album out and I hope to be surprised. I also love Chris August’s humour since I watched the Discount Song video on Youtube and his music since I listened to The Upside of Down album in 2012. I will definitely check his Christmas album out.
        I will also check Worship Central as I have a feeling it’s an album I’ll like. Finally, I will be checking Chris Tomlin’s Love Ran Red just because you’ve recommended it.

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