Albums Releasing This Fortnight (27th July – 9th August 2014)

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Below is a list of the albums that are releasing this week, and last week, which albums are you thinking of listening to and purchasing? Which albums are you going to recommend to others and which would you bypass? Let us know in the comments below.

all things new attic sessions

All Things New – The Attic Sessions EP (BEC Recordings)

Buy it: (iTunes)


beth croft- rule of my heart

Beth Croft – Rule In My Heart (Integrity Music)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


caleb coles

Caleb Coles – The Heights

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes(AUS)/iTunes(US)/bandcamp)


everfound- reimagine

Everfound – Reimagine EP (Word Records)

Listen to it: (Spotify)


Time Stands Still

Family Force 5 – Time Stands Still (Word Records)

Buy it: (Amazon MP3/iTunes)


For the Fatherless

For The Fatherless – For The Fatherless

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


hillaryjane- stix and stones

HillaryJane – Stix And Stones (infiltrate Music)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


jon neufeld- burn bright

Jon Neufeld – Burn Bright

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)



Lexi Elisha – Rope EP

Buy it: (iTunes/Noisetrade)


manafest- the moment

Manafest – The Moment (BEC Recordings)

Buy it: (iTunes)


nf- nf ep

NF – NF EP (Capitol Christian Label Group)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


reverence- an offering

Various Artists – Reverence (Fuel Music)

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes)


Waken – Endless Light

Buy it: (Amazon mp3/iTunes/noisetrade)

One thought on “Albums Releasing This Fortnight (27th July – 9th August 2014)”

  1. I will be checking out For the Fatherless(really enjoyed their album preview on NRT), All Things New(l’ve loved them since I listened to You Came for Me from their All Things New album), Various Artists – Reverence(looks worth checking out), Lexi Elisha and Jim Neufeld(just because I loved his brother’s Tree album) 🙂

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