Plumb – Need You Now (Book Excerpt)


Hello, and welcome everyone to our next free download for this site! You’ve listen to songs from Manic DriveAlan Powell and Young Oceans; and now it’s time for something different- a book excerpt perhaps?

Plumb (aka Tiffany Arbuckle Lee) is a Dove Award winning CCM/pop artist, and she has released a book recently, titled Need You Now: Stories Of Hope, about the lessons she has learned on the road, especially during the time when her marriage was on the brink, and the subsequent healing and restoration that took place afterwards!

Check out the link of the first couple of chapters here (right click and ‘save as’), and you can also listen to the title track of her most recent album below!

Our review of the book will be coming online within a few weeks time! What do you think of the book? Let us know in the comments!

Enjoy your week everyone, til next time!

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