Top 10 ___: Top Ten Activities To Undertake At The Beach!


Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens, which is posting roughly every Sunday, Australian time. We have been on a break for a couple of weeks, thinking about new topics so that this series doesn’t become stale, and here we are again with a new and fresh perspective. Last time I went very specific, and shared my top 10 new characters I would like to see on one of my favourite TV shows, Once Upon a Time (in the upcoming 4th Season and beyond). Now we’re pulling things back to the more general.

Though I do not visit the beach as often as maybe I should or I would like, I understand and realise that congregating at a localised strip of sand with millions of other people is a popular pastime for quite a number of people, so this post is about 10 things to do at the beach. Maybe when I have finished this post I might see the merit of going to the beach more often. Perhaps one day I will appreciate the beach much more and enjoy myself on the beach more so than in the past. So without further ado… (and this is in any order, not reverse chronological or from best thing to worst thing or anything like that!)


Build a sandcastle and play with your children or siblings.

In essence, it’s a fun filled day with the family at the beach where you can discover your inner child again. Playing with beach balls, building sandcastles, throwing Frisbees, even bringing pets along; the beach is the perfect place for a very enjoyable day (or at least that’s what I have seen on TV, the movies, or whenever we go to the beach once in a while!)

relaxing at the beach

Relax in the sun and try to form a tan.

If you want to try to change the colour of your skin, for whatever reason, lying on a towel at the beach with thousands of other people seems to do the trick (not really, but a bit…). Just make sure you put sunscreen on otherwise you’ll return from the beach looking like a fried lobster or a baked potato.


Beach fishing.

Most people reckon fishing (for food or for sport) on the rocks, on piers or in a boat are the ways to go but I prefer fishing on a calm beach. This is a pastime that I can relate to; as there have been many times that my family, friends and I have thrown fishing rods into the ocean from the beach, and stood for hours, just catching up, sometimes way into the nighttime. The fishing wasn’t the main activity, the friendship and the conversation was. Mind you the last time my parents, brother and I fished on the beach was 15 years ago or so, so now maybe it’s time to take up that hobby again!


Swimming (hopefully between the flags).

Why people don’t use a pool, either in their homes or in a public place, I’m not sure, but beaches are thriving with people swimming, hopefully between the flags. Something I haven’t done but can respect other people for having the courage to show everyone how great or not so great they are in swimming; this is a must for people to do if they want to immerse themselves in saltwater. Or bask in the waters marvelling at God’s creation.


Walking on the beach, collecting seashells and other trinkets.

You’ll be amazed at how many seashells are on the beach at the end of the day. Perfect for a evening stroll just reflecting and contemplating on life, this is something that I am sure everyone can understand, respect and appreciate.


Watch the sun rise or set.

And while we are walking on the beach, maybe we can walk during dawn or dusk. Seeing the sun rise or set against the backdrop of the calm ocean is purely magical, and proof that God exists!

switchfoot surfing


Surfing and other water sports such as wakeboarding.

I have never been a fan of surfing or other water sports, but after watching The Perfect Wave and Fading West I kinda understand why people surf- to get away from their troubles and just feel free. Something you can do to exercise your balance and your concentration, I applaud all the surfers out there who put their lives in God’s hands constantly everyday when they test the elements!

beach cricket

Beach sports such as cricket, volleyball, soccer.

Playing cricket in the backyard, or volleyball and soccer indoors is good and a great way to rid yourself of many kilos if you want, however playing these sports on the beach gives them a different atmosphere. After all, you can never have enough versions of your favourite sport. Besides, it’s a challenge to make sure you don’t hit the cricket ball into the ocean!

rend_collective campfire

Catch up with friends.

A place where we all can congregate, and talk about everything and nothing at the same time, beaches have been the place of choice to meet when there are parties, bonfires, fireworks, and general hangouts with friends. I never went to a beach party when I was a teenager though, do you guys think I missed out?

beach bbq

bbq beach

Beach BBQ.

Usually at beaches, there is a grassy area where there is a BBQ. A day at the beach with friends, family and acquaintances usually means that the BBQ (either brought along as a portable BBQ by a family member or friend, or a public BBQ) is in full swing, with plenty of food, music, sports in the background, and fantastic friendship and fellowship. A day at the beach with a BBQ (which my family and I have experienced many times) is generally a good time, there’s no doubt about it!

So there are my top ten activities to undertake at the beach, what are yours? Let me know so that we can compare and have a healthy discussion…

2 thoughts on “Top 10 ___: Top Ten Activities To Undertake At The Beach!”

  1. Loved the list Josh, and I agree with every one. Can’t say I have different thing my family and I like to do.
    Building sandcastles is a lot of fun, and having two brothers and a sister it’s extra fun!
    I’ve never had a tan before, nor have I ever fished on the beach, and I think I should start! (for the fishing I mean!) But I’ve fished on my uncle’s boat before, and loved it!
    I’m a little but of a coward when it comes to swimming at the beach. My mom once had a near death experience in the ocean, so that’s probably the reason why.
    I love playing sports on the beach, though it doesn’t happen often. And like you Josh, I’ve never been to a beach party, so I’m not sure if we’re missing out 🙂 But I would love to go to one with my friends one day.
    And though we always eat along side the beach, we’ve never actually had a BBQ there. We usually go to a bakery or Mcdonalds or something like that 🙂
    Overall though, if I had to choose one place to go to, it would be the beach. Nothing beats that sun set!
    God Bless!

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