Throwback Tuesdays: TobyMac’s “Gone”!


Welcome to another Throwback Tuesdays post- this week we are delving into a smash hit TobyMac song, called “Gone” that was recorded in 2004, 10 years ago.

Carrying on with the theme of never taking relationships for granted, the semi-rap/pop guitar driven song tells the story of an abusive relationship- the man takes the woman for granted, and after a while, after many ‘breakups’ and ‘reunions’; the relationship is finished, just because the beginning wasn’t laid on solid ground, the relationship wasn’t on a firm foundation. While this theme goes beyond romantic relationships, and is a metaphor for any relationship- we could sometimes neglect our friends in favour for our social media, our stuff or out Facebook statuses; this song also reminds us to actively make choices to ensure the relationships that do matter do not fall away or disappear because of something we could have done but didn’t.

A song that still has relevance 10 years later, this is the song that propelled TobyMac into the spotlight as a solo artist, and the song that I am sure will continue to have relevance in the future as we as humans try to find a balance between the relationships we should and most of the time do hold dear to our heart, and our personal ‘me’ time that humans right now seem to be placing higher in priority.

What is your favourite pop song that launched a respected and popular artists’ career?

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