Throwback Tuesdays – Tenth Avenue North’s “By Your Side”!

tenth avenue north 2014

It’s time for Throwback Tuesdays, and this week we are delving into the hit song “By Your Side”, from CCM/pop/rock band Tenth Avenue North.

Recently releasing their brand new studio album Cathedrals a month ago, these 5 friends from West Palm Beach, Florida, have been around for a while, releasing their debut album in 2008. If you haven’t heard of the band before, take a look at this video, and bask in the wonder and amazement of the presence of God that is so evident on their ministry! Personally I could not fault any song from Tenth Avenue North’s albums (They’re one of my favourite bands!), however one song, which played on Pandora radio a few days ago that stuck into my head, was “By Your Side” from their debut album, and is my absolute favourite song from the band; and I’d like to share a bit about that today.

Sung from Jesus’ point of view, the track speaks about how God is always by our side, and that His hands are holding us always no matter what. I think when we have all experienced an event like last week, we all need the reassurance that God is with us and guiding us through our struggles, and that’s why I thought it was fitting to speak about a song that right now can and will provide healing and comfort to all who listen. Never ever compromising nor watering down their faith, the 5 piece band is one of my favourite CCM/pop/rock/worship bands over the past few years. If you think of singles by Christian bands, this song, which is full of life, still having a sense of freshness, and rooted in biblical truth, God’s promises and faithfulness and vulnerability, is all you could want as a first single. Though not the first single from the band (that one was “Love Is Here”), it was this one that placed the band in the spotlight. So as we think about the band, and hope and pray that there are many more albums in the pipeline touching lives and impacting the world, let’s watch the video below and reminisce about the ways this band has impacted our lives as Christians!

What is your favourite Tenth Avenue North song? Let us know in the comments below! How does this song compare to the most recent single “No Man Is An Island”?


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