Sunday News Roundup (30th June-6th July 2014)


Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 30th June to the 6th of July. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

  • Jesus Freak Hideout has unveiled their top picks for anticipated albums for the rest of 2014; which albums are you excited for?
  • Dustin Smith, Planetshakers and Worship Central all have new release dates for 2014; are you excited for these three albums from Integrity Music?
  • Check out the press release of Holly Starr’s “God Is” Music Video; how do you think this video compares to “Through My Father’s Eyes” and “Don’t Have Love”?
  • Though I do not watch this show, I thought the news was relevant- Community has just had a shock renewal for a 6th Season on Yahoo. Are there any Community fans out there?
  • Just before the 2014 fall season has started, FOX has already cancelled a series. Yes, that’s right- Hieroglyphs is cancelled. Were any of you planning on seeing the show? Apparently the series wasn’t coming together like people hoped.
  • Hillsong is set to release a full length feature documentary in 2015, called Let Hope Rise; check out the press release here and the trailer as well! Are you planning to watch the film?
  • Family Force 5 has debuted a new song on iTunes as promotion for Time Stands Still; what do you think of “Sweep The Leg”?
  • Matthew West has laid out a challenge on youtube, called Do Something: Summer of Purpose; check out the details here! Are you going to participate?
  • Flyleaf has debuted their new single “Set Me On Fire”, from their new album Between The Stars, releasing September 16th; what’s your opinion on the first single without Lacey as lead singer?
  • Are you a fan of the TV show Once Upon a Time? 3 new recurring characters have now been cast, for the first part of Season 4 (for Elsa, Anna and Kristoff); how do you think OUAT will fare when bringing in characters from Frozen?
  • Caleb Grimm (from Anthem Lights) and Kelsey Sowards (formerly from 1 Girl Nation) are making new music together; are you excited to listen to this new album coming soon?
  • Did you like Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted? Now, there is an Enchanted 2 in the works… who’s excited?
  • BBC drama show Sherlock has been renewed for season 4; check out the news here! Who’s excited for the special bonus episode?
  • Montell Jordan, pastor of Victory Church, is releasing his new live worship album this year, called Covered. Check out his recent kickstarter here; are you going to give financially to support Montell’s new album?
  • According to Christianity Today, here is a list of 33 people under the age of 33, who will change the Christian world as we know it. What do you think of the list, and who would you add/delete for your own personal list?
  • I Am “They”, a new band signed to Essential Records, has released their new single on iTunes, called “From The Day”; what do you think of the song?
  • Pop singer Katy Perry has been sued by Flame and Lecrae, for a similarity between one of her songs and one of Flame’s songs. Check out the news here.
  • Warr Acres are releasing their new album, this time a Spanish album, pretty soon. Are you going to buy this album/listen to it when it releases?
  • There are many lyric videos this week; check out new videos from Moriah Peters (“Brave”); Our Hearts Hero (“Jesus Paid It All”); Chris Tomlin (“Waterfall“); Remedy Drive (“Commodity”); and Hillsong (“This I Believe”); what do you think of the videos; which is your favourite?
  • There are also heaps of music videos as well, with Needtobreathe (Live Oceanway Sessions’ “State I’m In”); Ryan Stevenson (“The Human Side”); Colony House (“Waiting For My Time To Come”); and About A Mile (“Who You Say You Are”) What do you think of the videos; which is your favourite?
  • Kevin Max, who recently departed from Audio Adrenaline, is now writing with Jonathan Thulin and Shine Bright Baby (probably a song for Shine Bright Baby’s new album); are you excite to hear this new song, which could be coming out soon?
  • Want to hear more of Paul Colman’s upcoming album Recalculating? Check out the sneak peek here!
  • Tim Neufeld, lead frontman of Starfield, has formed a new band- a side project to Starfield. Are you going to listen to the new album from Tim and the Glory Boys?
  • Releasing his album last week, Danny Gokey’s album Hope In Front of Me debuted on No. 1 on the Billboard Christian charts. Check out the news here.
  • Time for our dosage of TV and movie trailers. Here are trailers for movies The Skeleton Twins, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, St VincentReach MeMost Wanted ManBeyond The Lights, and Hector And The Search For Happiness– which movie are you excited for?
  • Lecrae, who releases his new album Anomaly in August, has an audio slide out for his new song “Nuthin’”; what do you think of it?

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