Sunday News Roundup (28th July-3rd August 2014)

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Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 28th July to the 3rd August. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

  • There’s plenty of official music videos that have debuted this past week. Check out videos from Jonny Diaz (“Thank God I Got Her”), Marie Miller (“6’2”), Jillian Edwards (“Gotta Have You”), needtobreathe (“The Outsiders (Acoustic)”), Flyleaf (“Set Me On Fire”), Selah (“Oh Our Lord”) and All Things New (“Washed Over Me”); which video is your favourite?
  • Michael W Smith, Jenny Simmons and Dan Bremnes have all released lyric videos this week, for “I Lay Me Down”, “Time To Be Well” and “Beautiful” respectively. Which song is the catchiest?
  • There have been plenty of album updates/announcements/pledges/artists in the studio in the past week, check them out! Artists like Mandisa, Group 1 Crew (EPK), Julie Elias, Desperation Band, Kerrie Roberts, and Needtobreathe have released information about new projects, while The Afters and Luminate have announced that they are in the studio recording their next album. Kevin Max has given us a firm date (November 25th 2014) for the new solo studio album Broken Temples (and given an interview to Bad Christian Podcast as well), while new crowd sourcing campaigns have been launched by artists Manic Drive, The Ember Days, Jonathan & Emily Martin and House of Heroes for upcoming albums. Paul Colman has also given us an update of his recording time in the studio. Which piece of information are you happy and excited about?
  • There have also been announcements for new books- from Louie Giglio and Lacey Sturm; which book are you excited to read?
  • There are quite a few trailers that released this week- for films “Interstellar”, “The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies”, “Into The Woods”, “Night At The Museum 3” and “The Longest Week” as well as the Direct TV cable show “Kingdom”! What do you think of the trailers? Are you going to watch these films and TV show (all, or some combination), or none of them?
  • As some trailers debut online, other ideas are drafted for future films and TV shows, and some films are slated for development. The Kendrick Brothers, known for their faith base films like Facing The Giants, Fireproof and Courageous, are now back filming another film based on the power of prayer. USA Network and ABC Family have also picked up the pilots Colony and Debt respectively, while The Mummy Reboot has a fixed release date. Which idea do you think is the best?
  • With every song, there is a story behind the song; check out stories behind the songs “Cage” and “Set Free” from artists Joy Lippard and Manafest!
  • Family Force 5’s album Time Stands Still releases this coming week; check out the full album stream on Amazon mp3; what do you think of the Word Label Group debut, with a new lead singer?
  • The track listing for WOW Hits 2015, has finally been announced, from one of the most prolific and contentious compilation series; what is your opinion of these 39 songs?
  • Gotee Records: 20 Years Brand New is a compilation album that released in June, with artists on Gotee, or previously on Gotee, singing each other’s songs; check out the Spotify playlist of the songs sung by the original artists.
  • Speaking of Gotee Records; Relient K, who were previously on the label, are embarking on their 10 Year Anniversary mmhmm Tour; are you planning to see them live? Jason Gray, Unspoken, Carrolton and Lindsay McCaul are also touring on the With Every Act Of Love Tour in the American fall; is this a concert experience that you are psyched about?
  • Surprise everyone, Switchfoot’s Fading West is now streaming on Netflix; who is going to watch the film?

3 thoughts on “Sunday News Roundup (28th July-3rd August 2014)”

  1. I’m enjoying the song “Beautiful” by Dan Bremnes, does anyone have an idea when there is going to be an album release? 🙂

    1. I’m not sure when his full length sparrow records album will be out (maybe jan or feb 2015) but his song did make the cut on WOW Hits 2015 though… yeah, I’m loving that song as well.

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