Sunday News Roundup (28th April-4th May 2014)


Here’s the first of many Sunday News Roundups, this first time from the 28th April to the 4th May. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

  • The Returned (based on the 2012 French TV series Les Revenants) has been picked up for a 10 episode first season series order by A&E, to air in sometime in 2015. Are you going to watch the show that could be eerily similar to Resurrection, which is one of the shows I watch and love? Personally, I’m on the fence til I watch a trailer!
  • The biggest news of the week by far; the new Star Wars 7 film, which releases at the end of 2015, has just had its cast announced! What do you think of the cast? Who do you think Andy Serkis will play? I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself! Bring on Episode VII
  • There’s a bunch of videos that have been released (Kaleidoscope’s “Every Tomorrow”, Crowder’s “Come As You Are”, Sixteen Cities’ “Once For All”, Christy Nockels’ “Let It Be Jesus”, Mike Lee’s “Salvation Come”) and plenty more releasing next week (Francesca Battistelli’s “When The Crazy Kicks In” and Royal Tailor’s “Ready Set Go”); which video is your favourite and which video are you very excited about?
  • Rap extraordinaire Propaganda (personally I’d like to refer to him as the next Lecrae!) has released Crimson Cord this week, check out the album on noisetrade! I just downloaded it and it’s mind boggling, are you going to check it out?
  • Essential Records’ new artist The Neverclaim have unveiled a new video journal called “Steal Their Hearts” based from their current single of the same name. Check out Jeremiah Carlson voicing his thoughts (in great depth like Mark Hall from Casting Crowns!). It’s pretty awesome at how much gold there is here biblically! Who agrees with me?
  • Dorian and John Kennex from the year 2048 are no more. Let’s pay our respects to the DRN’s! Fox just cancelled Almost Human, and though in my opinion it was a baffling and confusing decision as The Following was renewed with similar ratings, I will always have fond memories of the sci-fi genre show that topically went outside the box of what was expected of a broadcast network channel show. Meanwhile, I’m scratching my head once again with the revelation that FOX is considering a drama pilot (and potential pickup) about the Boston bombings of 2013. Too soon? Insensitive? I agree!
  • On the other hand, Syfy picked up many shows to series including Ascension, Olympus, Z Nation, The Expanse, Letter 44, The Magicians, Ronin, Killjoys, Pax Romana, and Clone, to join the already renewed freshman drama Helix, the first season of Dominion, the 2015 premiere of 12 Monkeys, and season two of Defiance. Gee that’s a pretty ambitious development slate don’t you think? Which one are you watching and which one do you hope doesn’t see the light of day?
  • It’s a sad day for 1 Girl Nation, as Kelsey Sowards, who marries Anthem Lights’ singer Caleb Grimm, leaves the group, resulting in original members Kayli Robinson, Carmen Justice, Lindsey Ciresi and Lauryn Taylor Bach continuing as a quartet. Their sophomore album is expected to release either late this year or early next year.
  • Last year Solomon Olds parted ways with his rock/dance band Family Force 5 and now they have signed to Word (Fervent Records). Who excited for this new chapter? You can also hear the band talk about their new song “Let It Be Love”!
  • Trailers galore! Halle Berry, star of movies such as “Catwoman”, “Swordfish” and the “X-Men” series, makes her TV series debut in ‘Extant’, a CBS sci-fi drama debuting in July 2014; USA Network drama ‘Graceland’ also has a release date for Season 2- June 11th and new dramas ‘Satisfaction‘ and ‘Rush‘ both premiere on July 17th.
  • There’s a couple of album streams to watch out for that could possibly end in the next 48 hours: All Sons and Daughters’ stream on Relevant, and The Museum’s stream on NRT; check them both out! I personally love these albums!
  • For KING & COUNTRY released their brand new song ‘Fix My Eyes’ on iTunes alongside an audio slide on youtube. Are you enjoying the song, the first single from their new album releasing in 2014 sometime?
  • Needtobreathe released Rivers in the Wasteland April 15th 2014. Their song ‘The Heart’ is featured in the most recent episode of CW drama Hart Of Dixie, giving them great exposure within the mainstream industry.
  • The 2nd annual K-love fan awards are in June this year. You can vote for your favourite artists here if you want to have a say in the final results.
  • Kickstarter seems to be the in thing now. Remedy Drive is the latest band to launch a campaign by this avenue. Check out their kickstarter video and pledge if you feel led to do so.
  • Unstrung, the latest pilot to be ordered on ABC Family, has had their two female leads cast – check out the news, and let us know if you’re planning to watch the tennis drama if it is picked up to series!
  • Dream Records artist Jonathan Thulin and Curb Records artist Plumb are touring in the fall. It’s a stellar combination! Are you excited for the tour?

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