If you have been an avid follower of this website for quite some time, you’d know that we as a site always like to predict, and when it’s time for WOW Hits to release their compilations every year, we think about what would be included on the annual Christian music compilation. While these days now it seems that the WOW Hits brand may be a bit redundant, every year it’s still half the fun guessing which songs make the cut and which songs meet the cut. Because there is only space for 39 songs on each WOW Hits (maybe even less on previous years, especially in the 2000’s when there weren’t any bonus deluxe editions!), it’s understandable when certain hit songs are omitted for whatever reason.

After 2011 (WOW Hits 2012), DVD’s suddenly stopped production, hence, this post right here. I have since decided to predict what would’ve been WOW Hits 2014 DVD if it were actually made, as well as predict WOW Hits 2014 CD, if it were actually songs that were timely and a variety of different artists, rather than the same selected few all the time.

NOTE- these lists for both WOW Hits 2014 CD and WOW Hits 2014 DVD are not the official track listing; there is no official track listing (for the DVD), these lists are just what could’ve and should’ve been, taking into account all the music videos and radio singles released around 2012/13.

What do you think of my version of WOW Hits 2014 DVD (39 tracks in total!) and my ideal version of WOW Hits 2014 CD? Til next time.


Disc 1:

  1. Whom Shall I Fear (Chris Tomlin)
  2. You Are, I Am (MercyMe)
  3. Hello, My Name Is (Matthew West)
  4. Wanted (Dara Maclean)
  5. Not For a Moment (After All) (Meredith Andrews)
  6. Carry Me (Josh Wilson)
  7. Redeemed (Big Daddy Weave)
  8. Hurricane (Natalie Grant)
  9. Help Me Find It (Sidewalk Prophets)
  10. Don’t Try So Hard (feat. James Taylor) (Amy Grant)
  11. Love Does (Brandon Heath)
  12. Nothing is Wasted (feat. Lauren Daigle) (Jason Gray)
  13. Restore (Chris August)
  14. Love Take Me Over (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  15. Pray (Sanctus Real)
  16. While We’re Young (1GN) BONUS
  17. Lord I Need You (Matt Maher) BONUS DELUXE
  18. Strangely Dim (Francesca Battistelli) BONUS DELUXE
  19. Steady My Heart (Kari Jobe) BONUS DELUXE

Disc 2:

  1. Words (Hawk Nelson)
  2. All In (Apologize) (Stellar Kart)
  3. Remain (Royal Tailor)
  4. Just Say Jesus (7eventh Time Down)
  5. We Won’t Be Shaken (Building 429)
  6. Nothing Can (Separate Us) (Citizen Way)
  7. Proof of Your Love (Monologue Mix) (for KING AND COUNTRY)
  8. Worn (Tenth Avenue North)
  9. Steal My Show (TobyMac)
  10. Reckless (Jeremy Camp)
  11. Kings & Queens (Audio Adrenaline)
  12. Live With Abandon (Newsboys)
  13. Overcomer (Mandisa)
  14. You Are (Colton Dixon)
  15. Gold (Britt Nicole)
  16. He is With Us (Love & The Outcome) BONUS
  17. You’ll Never Be Alone (Capital Kings) BONUS
  18. Every Good Thing (The Afters) BONUS DELUXE
  19. I Need a Miracle (Third Day) BONUS DELUXE
  20. Even If (Kutless) BONUS DELUXE



  1. words’ – Hawk Nelson
  2. only a mountain’ – Jason Castro
  3. love does’ – Brandon Heath
  4. pieces’ – Meredith Andrews
  5. hello my name is’ – Matthew West
  6. nothing is wasted’ – Jason Gray
  7. you are, i am’ – MercyMe
  8. carry the fire’ – Andrew Peterson
  9. this is amazing grace’ (live) – Phil Wickham
  10. pray’ – Sanctus Real
  11. in the end’ – Natalie Grant
  12. your grace finds me’ (live) – Matt Redman
  13. who loved you first’ – Newsong
  14. sunshine’ – Superchick
  15. overcomer’ – Mandisa
  16. wanted’ – Dara Maclean
  17. city of god’ – Love & the Outcome
  18. all I’ve ever needed’ – AJ Michalka
  19. while we’re young’ – 1GN


  1. me without you’ – TobyMac
  2. middle of your heart’ (live) – for KING AND COUNTRY
  3. his kind of love’ – Group 1 Crew
  4. devil’s been talking’ – needtobreathe
  5. god of the universe’ – VOTA
  6. gold’ – Britt Nicole
  7. just say jesus’ – 7eventh Time Down
  8. build your kingdom here’ – Rend Collective
  9. #LITO’ – Press Play
  10. dead come to life’ (feat. Charmaine) – Jonathan Thulin
  11. live with abandon’ – Newsboys
  12. back to the start’ – Martin Smith
  13. shake’ – MercyMe
  14. worn’ – Tenth Avenue North
  15. alive’ – Y&F
  16. all in (apologize)’ – Stellar Kart
  17. never gone’ – Colton Dixon
  18. beautiful love’ – Shine Bright Baby
  19. revival’ – Soulfire Revolution
  20. mercy tree’ – Lacey Sturm


  1. Disc 1
    1. Redeemed- Big Daddy Weave
    2. You Are I Am- MercyMe
    3. Hello, My Name Is- Matthew West
    4. Lord, I Need You- Matt Maher
    5. Already There- Casting Crowns
    6. Strangely Dim- Francesca Battistelli
    7. Jesus In Disguise- Brandon Heath
    8. My God- Jeremy Camp
    9. Whom Shall I Fear- Chris Tomlin
    10. Help Me Find It- Sidewalk Prophets
    11. I Need A Miracle- Third Day
    12. Your Grace Finds Me- Matt Redman
    13. Love Take Me Over- Steven Curtis Chapman
    14. Don’t Try So Hard (ft. James Taylor)- Amy Grant
    15. Overcomer- Mandisa
    16. Come However You Are- City Harbor [BONUS]
    17. Pray- Sanctus Real [BONUS DELUXE]
    18. Carry Me- Josh Wilson [BONUS DELUXE]
    19. Hurricane- Natalie Grant [BONUS DELUXE]

    Disc 2
    1. The Proof of Your Love- for KING and COUNTRY
    2. We Won’t Be Shaken- Building 429
    3. Words (ft. Bart Millard)- Hawk Nelson
    4. Just Say Jesus- 7eventh Time Down
    5. Steal My Show- tobyMac
    6. Worn- Tenth Avenue North
    7. You Are- Colton Dixon
    8. Build Your Kingdom Here- Rend Collective
    9. His Kind of Love- Group 1 Crew
    10. Kings and Queens- Audio Adrenaline
    11. Live With Abandon- Newsboys
    12. Keep Your Eyes Open- needtobreathe
    13. Nothing Is Wasted (ft. Lauren Daigle)- Jason Gray
    14. Gold- Britt Nicole
    15. Not Gonna Die- Skillet
    16. All The Way- Capital Kings [BONUS]
    17. Never Beyond Repair- everfound [BONUS]
    18. Every Good Thing- The Afters [BONUS DELUXE]
    19. All In (Apologize)- Stellar Kart [BONUS DELUXE]
    20. Back To The Start- Martin Smith [BONUS DELUXE]

  2. You know, I’ve been looking at the Christian Airplay charts and I did not find “All In (Apologize)” on one of them, meaning that it wasn’t really popular, which is probably why it wasn’t on WOW Hits 2014.

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