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Isn’t it a great fact to know we are alive? Here, now in this very moment, we are taking our next breath. Instead of worrying, fussing, thinking about tomorrow and wondering whether our next steps taken will turn into calamity, chaos or calm; we ought to contemplate on how we are living. And if we are living; we can rest assured that God isn’t done with us yet. It is in the busy moments where we can sometimes forget about the simple fact that we’re here on earth, and instead focus on the busy schedules and lives we lead.

Am I performing well in my job? How are my relationships with my colleagues? Am I really going to tell this person that I like them, or am I going to stall another day? Why are these things happening to me? Doesn’t God care about my life at the moment? We’ve all had these thoughts, we’ve all been there. Yet what we need to know above all else is that our lives are to be lived knowing that we are in fact given this opportunity to live it well and to the fullest. We all know that Jesus came to give us live abundantly, yet somewhere along the way we’ve let trivial and sometimes unnecessary things get in the way of just enjoying each day because it’s the day God has made, created and set before us.

Alternative rock band Fireflight, pop-rock duo Group 1 Crew (now a one man band) and newly reformed Audio Adrenaline have all released songs in recent history that all speak about being alive, fearless, and knowing that love was in fact stronger than anything we can ever dream or imagine- love personified came to be crucified for the cross so we didn’t have to. While on the surface the themes of these three songs don’t necessarily intersect, it is when the themes of each of the melodies come together that we can see the way God works- even through songs- to deliver his message of enjoyment and relaxation through the chaos and noise.

Sometimes we can believe that our problems are so humongous that we can miss the point- that because we are alive, everything that is in our lives will in fact bring us closer to God, or at least make us learn something and understand that it is during difficult times where the Lord builds the character of His children the most. From the very get go in “We Are Alive”, lead singer Dawn Michelle sings out the powerful and poignant lyrics of how she’s ‘…standing here under heaven’s light, I do believe, I take hold of this precious time, given to me…’ It is in the moments of difficulty that God wants to show us something- that in fact our problems aren’t really all that bad when we know the ultimate truth. Christ gave us life so we can speak life to others.

So we, in our human interaction, can show others the love Christ gave us. He gave us life, and the boldness that comes with it, so we can be fearless and go out and share the love given to us. And while we can sometimes feel inadequate (I know I’ve had my fair share of doubts), Christ has gone before us and we can rest assured that regardless of outcomes, our fearlessness doesn’t mean we’re absent of any fear, but it means we acted afraid, yet knew that God was with us every step of the way. Group 1 Crew say it best when they describe us the moment when David faced Goliath in “Fearless”. Sure David must’ve been scared. I probably would’ve been scared if I were to face a 12 foot man and demand for him to leave the city and not terrorise its inhabitants anymore. But I’m sure in the midst of David defeating Goliath; he must’ve been scared too.

To know that Christ is with us and guiding us is one thing, but to really believe it and act upon it is totally another thing when we get down to it. Being alive to being alive and fearless can be scary, but it is a necessary scary as we live our days knowing that each day is an opportunity to be Christ to the people around us. To use the gift of our days (because frankly, we have no idea when we’re going to move on from this life) to our advantage, as we boldly step out into the unknown, fearful, fearless or otherwise, and take an act of courage. Whatever small or big it may be- to share God with our friends, to compliment someone without the expectation of anything in return, to make a big bold statement of your affection for someone before you know it’s too late. Whatever it is, I’m sure Christ has our back. And even if we fail miserably, or things don’t go our way, we know for certain that God’s love is stronger and has covered everything, so we can boldly step into the unknown and not worry about what might or might not happen.

To declare that God’s love is stronger than everything and anything that comes against us is a big declaration to assert, yet it is sometimes the simple and cliché things that mean the most when the rubber hits the road. Releasing their new album on May 5th, veteran band Audio Adrenaline’s new song “Love Was Stronger” is a timely reminder of how many times we fall short of God’s glory, and that every single time, God was there with His love enveloping over us. While at times throughout our lives we may not feel it, and we could think and believe that our fear means our life has failed, what I’ve realised is that sometimes, in fact most times, when we don’t feel it, that is when Christ comes to us and speaks the clearest. Not that Christ doesn’t speak at other times, but it is when we’re at our lowest lows that everything else is drowned out and God’s voice is heard just a tiny bit louder.

There is a recent TV show called Hindsight (as well as one of my favourite TV shows of all time Being Erica) that speaks about time travel- and while I know time travel can’t happen, what these two shows have communicated is the message of do-overs, and whether we have any regrets in our lives. While the characters in the shows have opportunities to re-do their mistakes, in reality we can’t. What happens then? What happens when all of a sudden our fearlessness turns to fear and we’re left without feeling the love Christ has given us freely? What happens when being alive means just living through a mundane life and moving from spontaneity into a run-of-the-mill everyday same ol’? While I may not have a definite answer, what I do have is a promise- that Christ will never leave us in our despair. That, as one of the most heartfelt and motivational songs in recent memory says it- ‘…you will never leave, you will never let go, if You’re what our hope is then we’ll never lose it, what a promise…’ (“What a Promise”- from Love And the Outcome’s debut 2013 album).

There is always something about TV shows and music that can speak louder than almost anything else. Sometimes a song can be just as poignant as a sermon, and a hard-hitting confrontational TV show can cause someone to rethink their lives as much as a talking to from parents. That is the power of media, and as long as we’re alive in this century of technology; we ought to utilise it all to show others the love we have- for each other as Christians, and for our fellow man, regardless of their own beliefs and values. That is what being alive is- sharing Christ and forgiving the inexcusable because He has forgiven the inexcusable in us.

Before I sign off this post, let me pose to you a few questions that you can answer in the comments- what does being alive mean to you? Are you alive to travel through the motions, or are you asking the Lord to make you fearless in the appropriate areas, so that you can share God’s love to whomever is asking and seeking? Like Hindsight and Being Erica for myself, is there any TV show that has spoken to you in a way that has made you revisit your life and some of your choices? Which promise of God are you holding onto dearly at this current moment? Let us know in the comments.

Til next time.

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