Message Mondays And Throwback Tuesdays – Needtobreathe’s “Signature Of Divine (Yahweh)”!

needtobreathe 2015

Time for a short combined post of “Message Mondays” and “Throwback Tuesdays”- this time we are delving into Needtobreathe’s worship song “Signature Of Divine”.

Often branching out and recording songs specific to the mainstream media, Bear, Bo and Seth have wowed us again and again with their honest lyrics, catchy music and southern rock goodness, and have given us plenty of inspiring and thought provoking messages to ponder over as well. In their last album Rivers In The Wasteland alone, there were plenty of songs that stuck out to me, such as “Wasteland”, “Multiplied”, “The Heart” and “Difference Maker”; and the trio deserve their many Dove Award and Grammy Award nominations and wins. Just this week, Needtobreathe collaborated with Gavin DeGraw for a compelling and fascinating music video for “Brother” and this prompted me to take a squiz at the rest of their music videos and re-watch some classics. “Signature Of Divine” grabbed me from the get-go, yet again.

Their most overt worship song alongside “Multiplied”, “Signature” is a very creative video using photos and stop motion, which you can watch below. Basically the guitar led mid tempo melody praises God for who He is, and inspires us to follow Him in all we do. As we sing out ‘…Yahweh, Yahweh, great is Your glory, You go before me…’, we understand the weight this song brings, as it is a song of recognising that God Almighty is the One who holds everything together, and that wherever He leads, we follow.

So what can we learn about this inspiring and motivational song? Well, we can stop worrying about our problems, and bring them to God. In fact, let’s praise God in every situation. Because we are breathing, we still have a specific purpose, and that is what I believe this song conveys to the listener.

So what do you think about Bo, Bear and Seth’s tune? What do you think of the message I think the song conveys? Do you agree or disagree? Check out the music video of “Signature Of Divine” here and “Brother” below!

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