BEST OF 2017- PART 10: Top Ten Anticipated Albums/EP’s of 2018

Can you all believe it? It’s the 1st January 2018- well, it’s the 1st where I am in Australia, I’m sure other places around the world, it’s still the 31st December 2017. It’s been quite a while since we as a site have posted anything (not since mid December), but with busyness in work leading up to the Christmas season, we have since decided to take this time to rest a little. Now with this new post, I have looked forward to the year of 2018, and what it will bring. While 2017 had a lot of great albums released that we could celebrate, I have catalogued 10 album/EP releases that release between this year, that I have been excited about, and I’m sure you will be too. While this year has been quite possibly one of my favourite years when it comes to album releases, if these 10 album releases are as great as I reckon they could be, then next year will be one of the best years yet in Christian music!

P.S.- you can check out my most anticipated albums of 2017 here, and see what I really thought of the albums upon reflection and hindsight as the year progressed as well!

Have My Heart EP (Brooke Robertson) Jan 5th 2018

Song to check out: Have My Heart

North Star (Remedy Drive) Jan 12th 2018

Song to check out: Polaris

Good News (Rend Collective) Jan 19th 2018

Song to check out: Rescuer (Good News)

Reckless Love (Cory Asbury) Jan 26th 2018

Song to check out: Reckless Love

Clarity (For All Seasons) Jan 26th 2018

Song to check out: Bigger Than

A Million Lights (Michael W. Smith) Feb 16th 2018

Song to check out: Love Always Wins

Surrounded (Michael W. Smith) Feb 23rd 2018

Song to check out: Surrounded (Fight My Battles)

Changed (Sanctus Real) TBA Feb 2018

Song to check out: Changed

Future (Jordan Feliz) March 3rd 2018

Song to check out: Witness

Miracles (Hawk Nelson) April 6th 2018

Song to check out: He Still Does (Miracles)

There you have it- 10 albums in 2018 (mind you, there’s also Audrey Assad’s Evergreen and Owl City’s Cinematic that didn’t make the list as well) that has me excited for what this upcoming year has to bring in terms of Christian music. What are some of your anticipated albums for the year ahead? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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