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For King and Country – Live From The Sydney Opera House (Concert Review)

Passion. MercyMe. Michael W. Smith. Jonathan Thulin & Charmaine. Casting Crowns. Delirious? Jesus Culture. Hillsong. Hawk Nelson. Superchick. Newsboys. And now added to this list, for KING AND COUNTRY. What is this list, you say? Every artist I have seen in a live setting, be it actually live, or as a house concert. Whatever the case, there’s something unique and different in seeing the band/artist live, as while the songs recorded in studio are great for listening on a personal level, nothing beats the live atmosphere, and everyone else around you singing the exact same lyrics as you, and focusing on singing the words, that you don’t have to worry about how you will act when you’re watching someone live. You can express your enthusiasm and passion in such a setting, and that’s ok, because everyone else would be doing that as well. For it was only yesterday that myself, my brother and a few of my friends saw for KING AND COUNTRY live at the Sydney Opera House (frankly, I can only remember being at the Opera House only once, a long time ago for a Chinese Opera in fact, a performance I thoroughly hated!), so a chance to see arguably one of the most popular CCM acts at the moment in one of the most iconic Australian monumental landmarks was a definite yes for me. Let’s just say that I was absolutely enthralled by the band, and their set-list, though there were a few glaring omissions, was in fact on the money.

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