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Message Mondays and Throwback Tuesdays (Retail Therapy)

It has amazed me, and continues to do so, how I see many people latch onto something new. Always whenever I browse the nearest DVD/electronics store in the shopping centre that I frequent, I see many people browsing the latest, whether it be movies, TV shows, CD’s, or even the latest versions of phones, iPads and the latest gadgets like fit-bits and nutri-bullets. And what has continued to amaze me is how quickly we drop that particular thing we purchase after a few weeks, and latch onto the next thing. Since when did we as a human race become so fickle-minded in our purchases? Are we really that bored with our purchases one week that we need to fill that void the next? This is not a griping session, yet in this week’s Message Mondays/Throwback Tuesdays, I delve into the theme of retail therapy, and how sometimes, it can be celebrated and enjoyed, and other moments we may need to take time out, in the view to keep our sanity and the sanity of those around us intact.

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